amstel light

SimplyBe Tastemakers.

Challenge & Audience

With its market share shrinking, Amstel Light wanted to expand its audience by reaching into younger customer segments that love good food, but tend toward more casual fare, which pairs best with beer. To accomplish this, Amstel Light sought to achieve national recognition as the official “beer of the burger”, and use that as a platform to engage millennial customers in major markets.

As a priority market for Amstel Light, we focused on identifying the segments of young millennial men and women ‘foodies’. These young professionals are stepping into an urban lifestyle on a budget – they want to rub shoulders with local celebrities and Tastemakers, but their budgets and active lifestyles compel them to find their culinary inspiration in chefs who focus on casual cuisine. As new consumers of alcoholic beverages, this audience is more flexible in their brand choices and open to adopting new brands in their ‘burger and beer’ pairing.

Strategy & Elements

Position Amstel Light as a Tastemaker in casual cuisine by partnering with a recognized culinary Tastemaker, and turning their customers into Tastemakers.

In a lead-up campaign to their national sponsorship of the ‘Burger Bash’ at the SOBE Wine and Food Festival in Miami, we developed a content-driven consumer campaign, in which Amstel Light’s target demographic submitted burger recipes to a co-branded microsite, supported by paid media and social media communication.

We secured a partnership with an international celebrity chef, who judged all submissions and selected five of the best. Our finalists were invited to a private VIP dinner, hosted by Amstel Light. Our celebrity chef, also in attendance, prepared all five recipes to be voted upon by the guests of the evening. Our winner and their recipe were featured in local lifestyle publications as the official Amstel Light burger of the Midwest, and was gifted an all-expenses paid trip to Miami to attend the Burger Bash.

This campaign rewarded Amstel Light’s followers not only for their loyalty and enthusiasm to the brand, but for their own creativity and talent as well. We took the elements of surprise and delight to spotlight them with high touch experiences as well as digital amplification.