SimplyBe Inspirational.

Challenge & Audience

Nike Women recognized that the 40th Anniversary of Title lX, the federal civil rights law best known for breaking down barriers in sports for women, provided a unique opportunity to capture the attention and hearts of active millennial women – the key audience for the launch of Nike Fuelband. To maximize this unique opportunity, Nike needed powerful activation campaigns in its key launch markets.

Focused on Chicago as one of the primary launch markets, we looked closely at the culture and activities of active millennial women in the city. These women find inspiration in their chosen active sports – and seek out a community of others for workouts. Yoga, running, and group studio workouts are very popular with this demographic, and in the Chicago market, the most popular instructors are those who are inspirational in their classes and maintain an inspirational presence online.

Strategy & Elements

Empower athletic millennial women in Chicago to be the inspiration to other women in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Title IX – and reward them for their engagement with access to an exclusive group sports event featuring inspirational instructors and celebrity athletes.

In the spirit of “Title IX”, we launched a nine-day twitter campaign and contest, engaging local millennial women to share how they “#maketherules” by tweeting photos of their daily workouts to @nikewomen.

Each woman who tweeted as part of the campaign was entered to win one of 99 spots in a women-only pop-up event + workout at the “Nike FuelHouse” in Chicago. The event featured Olympic Gold Medalist, Shawn Johnson, who joined the women in workouts led by 3 of Chicago’s most popular instructors in yoga, group workouts, and running.

The campaign reverse-engineered the perception of who is truly “inspirational” – encouraging the women to seek inspiration from within. Celebrities capture eyeballs, but real people convey emotions. By empowering their core customers throughout the launch, Nike associated it’s Fuelband with personal empowerment.


1M+ media impressions.

2000+ tweets for the #maketherules Chicago campaign.

Press coverage in major city publications, as well features in fitness and lifestyle blogs.