skinny girl

SimplyBe Human.

Challenge & Audience

When Skinnygirl Cocktails wanted to accelerate the growth of its product line, the company knew they needed to reach the audience that was driving the fastest growth for the wine and spirits industry: millennial women. This meant creating a distinct brand voice, that was not entirely dependent on the brand of its celebrity creator, whose core audience was women in their mid-forties.

We started with a clear understanding of the target customer segment. For this hip young woman, her cocktail represents her image, personality and desired lifestyle as a member of a fun, sophisticated sisterhood. Her social life is a big priority. She depends primarily on social media to communicate and stay in the know – and to share their lives.

Strategy & Elements

Humanize the Skinnygirl Cocktails brand and product line. For this brand’s audience, the product couldn’t sound like a product. It needed personality, emotion, depth, humility, candor, and humor: the characteristics of a member of the sisterhood.

We developed a12-month omni-channel “Drink Like a Lady” campaign, which served as the cornerstone of the rollout of the new brand voice. The program kicked off with the launch of 13 new cocktail products, introduced via social media, paid media and strategic partnerships, with an announcement to “Meet the girls...”

The brand was further personalized through a 12-month social media program of original blog and video content. We launched a new YouTube channel, featuring “The Skinnygirl Cocktails Guide”, a video series positioning Skinnygirl Cocktails as an integral part of its audience’s social life. The content – with contests supporting product launch events across the US – was promoted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

With this deeply personalized voice, the brand was able to effectively resonate with its core consumers, resulting in exponential user growth and engagement across all of Skinnygirl Cocktails’ digital channels, and rapid growth of new product line sales.


Successful launch of 13 new products and 2 new social media channels.

100% increase in social media followers.

Accelerated sales of Skinnygirl Cocktails, making it the fastest growing product line in the entire portfolio of brands owned by Jim Beam.