dr. lauren streicher

SimplyBe a Thought Leader.


Dr. Streicher is one of the most well-known gynecologists and sexual health thought leaders in Chicago, if not the country. She wanted a way to curate all of her guest blogs, television spotlights, and features into one organized place, so that she could create a community where women (and men!) could educate themselves. Additionally, she had a new book that was about to be published, so it was time to reinforce and amplify her personal brand and image.

Strategy & Elements

Through a website redesign and a detailed social media strategy, we helped her create that community. We worked with Dr. Streicher to develop a distinct brand voice and identity, and then designed and developed a distinct logo and mobile-responsive, user-friendly site and CMS so that her audience could stay engaged.

When she was about to launch her new book, it came time to reinforce and amplify her personal brand and image. We developed a personal brand strategy that leveraged Dr. Streicher’s writing, her frequent appearances on national television, and her highly regarded new book to help oversee her national book release. We created & coordinated several events and seminars, social media Q&As, and related promotional experiences.

Digital Personal Brand Strategy: User Experience Design, Flash Development / Mobile Design, Tracking Technology, eCommerce Shopping Cart, Amazon Store Integration, Google Analytics, SEO, Search and Filtering.

Personal Branding; National Book Release; Influencer Strategy; Content Creation; Thought Leadership Positioning; Content Strategy; Brand Voice; Brand Identity.


Expansion of Dr. Lauren’s social media audience by more than 1000%.

Through a “no-barriers” strategy, we grew her male digital audience from 18% to 80%... a staggering statistic.