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“I knew what a hairstylist wanted and what a client wanted and was able to hone in on both things, which I think is a huge part of how the brand and the experience at Drybar was created.”

– Alli Webb

Alli Webb is the founder of the premier hair salon for blowouts—Drybar. Started in 2008, Drybar now has 150 locations, along with a line of styling tools and products. In today’s conversation, you’ll learn why branding is everything and how creating an unforgettable brand and experience is the secret to your business’ long term success. Alli takes us through her journey of having a vision and executing on it, while also sharing why she’s grown her personal brand and how it all started with Drybar.

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In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • The development of Alli’s personal brand

  • How you can serve others through your personal brand

  • Creating an unforgettable experience – Alli’s vision behind Drybar

  • How Drybar has managed during COVID-19

  • Alli’s top advice for preparing to scale your business

  • Creating non-negotiables for your self-care

More about this episode's Guest:

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