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“I want my legacy to be my journey, and I want my journey to inspire as many women to awaken to their truth and authenticity, and to love their shadows and their light, and to share their shadows and their light in the realest way possible—because we need it from each other.”

– Jessica Zweig

In today’s solo episode, Jessica is bringing you the no BS version of herself as she continues with the “Be. Real” monthly intention. She shares intimate details of her worst days – whether they stem from overdoing, fighting with her husband, or allowing her insecurities to plague her mind. Jess unpacks her fears that originated in childhood, including her struggle with body dysmorphia, and why it’s so important to love both your shadow and your light. To wrap up this vulnerable episode, Jess leaves you with a grounding tactic she incorporates into her weekly meetings, sharing one of her favorite “one-phrase closes” that helps anchor her.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Hacks for keeping Jess’s schedule in balance

  • The pain that results from fighting in marriage

  • The inner demons and insecurities Jess struggles with

  • Loving & sharing your shadows and your light

  • Carving out space in your day to recharge

  • A grounding tactic Jess uses in her weekly meeting

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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