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“Put your money where your mouth is. Black lives matter; money matters. Money changes black lives. Go spend your green with black.”

– Dana Nicole Anderson

Dana Nicole Anderson is a Chicago based artist and a Black woman who is tired of white people apologizing, checking in, and using her as a reference point for race relations. In this conversation, Dana and Jessica talk about what unique challenges Black women are up against, as well as the work that white women need to do to help confront systemic racism. It’s long past time for white people to look inward and see their role in this problem. Listen in and start educating yourself.

Attention white women: Black women have a lot going on right now and need a break from our check-ins. For many of us white people, we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding what our Black brothers and sisters are up against just in their daily lives. While it’s good to have questions, your Black friends are not Google.

This week on The SimplyBe. Podcast, Jessica is amplifying the voice of Dana Nicole Anderson, a Chicago based artist and businesswoman. Dana is a no bullshit person and even called Jessica out in an email exchange. This helped set the groundwork for a loving conversation all about educating white women on the experiences of Black women and how to stop apology culture.

If you are outraged by the systemic racism in the United States, listen to this episode and educate yourself. This is just the start.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [02:54] – Recalibrating the conversation

  • [08:53] – Talk amongst yourselves

  • [15:02] – Apology culture

  • [20:20] – Where do we need to be right now?

  • [24:43] – Corporate pandering

  • [30:51] – Stop talking and start spending

  • [37:00] – Soul checkpoint

  • [43:23] – White women’s black women

  • [57:10] – What is Dana telling her daughter?

  • [1:02:37] – What does SimplyBe. mean to Dana?

More about this episode's Guest:

Dana N. Anderson is a Chicago-based performing artist and writer. Her experience spans on-camera, stage, voiceover and dance. She is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and a Company Member at Collaboraction Theatre. Connect with her across platforms @theycallmedna.

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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