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“You can’t cater your life to other people and what they want. They don’t get to define who you are—you get to define it. And you don’t have time to spend your life being anything else other than who you are.”

– Marcus Black

Today’s episode is a powerful, heart-centered conversation on bravery, being unapologetically you, and listening to the call of your soul. Marcus Black is a former pastor and current urban missionary providing leadership and mentoring programs to several inner city schools. He’s an inspirational speaker, life coach, host of The Vitalize Podcast, and author of Asleep At The Wheel. You’ll hear his story of almost losing his life at 18 years old and how that changed the trajectory of his life and the way he shows up every day. You’ll not only end this show feeling lifted by Marcus’ words, but inspired to take action on that which lights you up.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • No more catering your life to fear and other people

  • Listening to the call of your soul & allowing for it to evolve

  • What Marcus sees in his urban missionary work

  • Marcus’ daily rituals for practicing self-care for his soul

  • Fear, courage, and what it really means to be brave

  • Why you need to choose yourself and show up authentically

More about this episode's Guest:

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