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“Hold yourself accountable while at the same time don’t hold yourself back. I somewhat develop a roadmap for myself in terms of leaning into strengths that I have, but also wanting to be scared at the next role I’m taking, because if I’m scared then I’m learning.”

– Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is the VP of On-Premise Sales at Beam Suntory. In today’s conversation, you’ll gain insight into growing your leadership muscle and why being open to opportunities is crucial in upleveling your career. Rachel has built an incredible team, and she shares the four ingredients to creating a positive, strong team culture. As a mom of three and executive leader, you’ll also hear how Rachel stays true to herself by using boundaries, transparency, and presence.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Rachel’s origin story and career pivots

  • Growth mindset & being accountable while also being flexible

  • How to be an authentic leader & maintain a leadership line

  • The ingredients to building a positive, strong team culture

  • What makes an effective salesperson & tactical tips

  • How Rachel balances being a mom of 3 & executive leader

  • Beam Suntory’s family-approach & how they innovated during the pandemic

More about this episode's Guest:

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