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“There shouldn’t be the idea of the word ‘normal’ on a pack of anything for your skin or hair because there is no such thing. If you can’t pick up the ‘normal’ one and use that, then what does that say about you?”

– Orion Brown

Orion Brown, founder and CEO of BlackTravelBox®, is trailblazing the beauty industry by giving women of color travel-friendly hair and skincare products that work. Orion shares her vision behind the brand, and unpacks how our outdated beauty standards have led to a lack of beauty products for an entire ethnic group. Learn how she’s built an authentic, intentional brand, how 2020 has impacted her company, and her vision for the future of BlackTravelBox®.

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In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • The ‘why’ behind Black Travel Box & how it became existential

  • Outdated beauty standards created by the patriarchy

  • Building an authentic brand that’s of service

  • The biggest pain points in travel that Orion’s products address

  • Why it’s critical we stay involved in social justice issues

  • Orion’s vision for her brand, community, & platform

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