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“I have never felt more creative or more in community than since I got on TikTok.”

– Nora Shepard

Get ready for an empowering, heart-to-heart conversation that also provides tactical advice on using two platforms—TikTok and Clubhouse. Nora Shephard, Director of Client Relations at the SimplyBe. Agency, joins Jessica to unpack how she went viral on TikTok, and uses it to build community and express her creativity. Jessica gives all the details on Clubhouse and how you can utilize it to spread your message, learn from others, and have real, impactful conversations.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • How Nora went viral on TikTok

  • Using TikTok & Clubhouse to feed people’s need for community

  • Best ways to curate your content & share your voice on TikTok

  • Delivering value & focus on nurturing vs. growing your community

  • Learning from others & having real conversations on Clubhouse

More about this episode's Guest:

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