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“The big misses we’ve had on hires have been where we don’t do our due diligence on who someone is because their resume looks good, we’re in a rush to fill a role, and they check a lot of boxes — so we hire them and realize they lack integrity or aren’t passionate about what we do.”

– Billy Bosch

Billy Bosch is the founder of ICONIC Protein, and is a prime example of someone who has built an authentic personal brand as the face of his company. In today’s conversation, Billy shares why he developed ICONIC protein due to his personal health crisis, and how his passion for health, wellness, and helping others is reflected in his brand. Jess and Billy talk about his transition from CEO of ICONIC so he could become the Chief Visionary Officer, and how this is a beautiful case of embracing evolution (the theme for March!). Billy also shares his principles for optimal health, and how you can begin to heal your relationship with food.


In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Billy’s health crisis that led him to develop ICONIC Protein

  • What to consider when hiring & how the ICONIC team is structured

  • Billy’s transition from CEO to Chief Visionary Officer

  • Why Billy’s personal brand & social presence is so strong

  • Billy’s core principles for optimal health

  • Healing your relationship with food

More about this episode's Guest:

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