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We are not taught how to fail. If you do not take massive action, you will never know. You just need to keep trying different things until something works.

– Rea Frey

Jessica sits down with Rea Frey, author and the person that helped Jessica land her six-figure book deal. Rea is not only a genius author herself, but excels at helping all those aspiring authors out there not only pitch their book, but plan, write and market it.

This is insightful, tactical and mind blowing interview that will leave you inspired and send you to your laptop to start writing that book you’ve always wanted to!

Jessica Zweig: Entrepreneur, CEO…..Author? Well folks, without today’s guest that last bit would have never happened. Ever sit down and just know you’ve got a book inside you, screaming to get out? Well this is the interview for you.

Today’s guest is Rea Frey is a well known author and nutrition specialist. However, in addition to the best selling novels she’s also skilled at giving life to those amazing ideas that are just sitting inside you, waiting to get out. Today we’ll break down everything you need to know about landing that highly prized and elusive book deal.

Jessica and Rea talk about how to tell the difference between a good idea and a book, how to choose an editor and the dirty little word every author fears: marketing.

This is an interview packed full of advice Rea’s clients pay a hefty sum for. Don’t miss it.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [01:45] – This week’s guest: Rea Frey

  • [05:39] – Listener review of the week

  • [10:05] – Welcoming Rea Frey

  • [12:34] – History with Cheeky Chicago magazine

  • [17:19] – Jess’ biggest cheerleader

  • [22:07] – Telling the difference between a good idea and a book

  • [24:22] – Writing non-fiction versus writing novels

  • [26:52] – Start with the brand first

  • [29:36] – Branding as the vehicle to share your value in service of other people

  • [32:30] – What a nonfiction book proposal entails

  • [35:03] – An overview needs to hook the agent

  • [36:39] – Define the audience you’re solving a problem for

  • [38:29] – Choosing competitive titles

  • [40:44] – An author bio is not a resume

  • [42:04] – Have a strategic marketing plan

  • [47:19] – Framing the chapter breakdown

  • [51:22] – Dream bigger for yourself

  • [53:34] – Choosing an editor

  • [56:18] – The publisher is pitching you

  • [58:37] – Not Her Daughter

  • [1:02:50] – Because You’re Mine

  • [1:06:19] – Where can we find you?

More about this episode's Guest:

Rea Frey is an author, nutrition specialist, and International Sports Sciences Association certified trainer. With a degree in creative writing from Columbia and six traditionally published books under her belt, Rea has helped hundreds of clients refine, hone, and craft their own ideas into full-fledged books. Whether it’s working on a book proposal to sell to a publisher, ghostwriting a memoir, or consulting on a great idea, Rea’s fifteen years in the publishing industry will clarify the message, mission, audience, and ultimately help find a home for a client’s work.

When she’s not promoting her novels, NOT HER DAUGHTER, and her upcoming release, BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE, you can find her creating writing workshops, ogling her sexy husband, homeschooling her incredible daughter, or plotting her next great adventure.

Find her books on Amazon and find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Goodreads.

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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