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“Leaders need to have environments where they talk through what’s really going on for them — a communal experience where they can really zoom out without their whole team there, without being the one who has to have all the answers.”

– Adrian Kohler

Jessica is joined by Alli Webb, founder of DryBar, and Adrian Kohler, founder of Take New Ground. This conversation is a beautiful dive into community in entrepreneurship, vulnerability in business, and how to make 2022 the greatest business year of your life. They talk about the experience of it being ‘lonely at the top’ as a founder, and the importance of having a space to connect with other leaders to really unpack what’s going on for them. You’ll also learn about this trio’s upcoming mastermind, Impact Series, and how to create the greatest impact in 2022.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • How Alli and Adrian met & how they uplevel each other

  • Taking off the masks we wear & learning how to ask for help as a leader

  • Being vulnerable – it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top as a leader

  • Finding a new level of self-acceptance with self-improvement

  • How to set the foundation for your greatest business year yet

More about this episode's Guest:

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