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“The way you most effectively sell is to tell stories—to take people in, educate, illuminate, and motivate. The way we can do that is by giving ourselves mediums and content types that take people deeper.”

– Jessica Zweig

How did losing access to social media last week affect you? Today, Jess shares her reflections on the Instagram and Facebook outage, and how to utilize platforms outside of social media to connect with your audience.

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In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Our dependence on social media for business & connection

  • Social media is a disempowering space – how to take your power back

  • Effectively sell by creating core content (aka your magic)

  • Why driving your audience to your website is essential

  • Utilizing platforms outside of social media to connect & convert your community

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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