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“Integrity is not always comfortable—to speak our truth and be honest can sometimes be uncomfortable, but the willingness to do it anyway is where integrity also lives.”

– Jessica Zweig

Welcome to a brand new MONTHLY series on The SimplyBe. Podcast: Be. Intentional.

Starting this August, I’ll be releasing a solo episode the first week of every month, sharing the monthly “Be.” intention. These intentions will be a reflection of what I am personally exploring in my own life and experiencing myself. These reflections will be delivered through my personal stories of vulnerability and truth.

Each episode will include action steps, takeaways and journaling prompts so that YOU integrate what you’re learning from the show actionally and tangibly into your own life.

In addition to each monthly “Be.” episode, I’m also gifting my listeners a monthly Spotify playlist, inspired by the monthly intention! To get the gifted playlist, leave a review on iTunes, screenshot it and DM it to me over on Instagram @jessicazweig, and I’ll send you the private playlist link right back!

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Reflective questions around integrity in your life & relationships

  • How to detect in your body when you are out of integrity

  • Becoming aware of excuses you make when out of integrity

  • A daily practice to live in integrity

  • Creating accountability structures & why it’s important to “name” them

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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