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“The act of expansion and the act of healing is a constant practice. It requires a ton of humility and trust because you have to let go of what you’re comfortable with.”

– Nora Shepard

Today, Jessica is bringing you a special compilation episode to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her book, ‘Be.’! Jess is joined by her co-founders, Aleksa Narbutaitis and Nora Shepard, and her best friend who managed and produced the entire book launch, DJ Megan Taylor. They reflect on the evolution of who they’ve become in the process of launching ‘Be.’, and the forward momentum that came from bringing something of deep service into the world.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Aleksa, Nora, & Jessica’s greatest personal lessons from launching ‘Be.’

  • Leaning into trust, surrendering, & intentionally choosing your people

  • Aleksa & Nora’s highest wishes for SimplyBe.

  • Megan’s biggest takeaways from the book launch

  • How it’s never too late to try something new

  • The most challenging aspects of launching a book

  • How Jess and Megan have redefined success

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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