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“Too often we’re avoiding that inner personal work because we say, ‘I have so much to do.’ Unless you do the inner personal work, the business isn’t going to run like it should run.”

– Lindsey Simcik, Almost 30

2020 has been rough so it seems like a good idea to be gentle on ourselves for the rest of the year. This includes our friendships. Today, Jessica is talking to Lindsey and Krista of the Almost 30 Podcast. These women show what successful female partnerships can look like and guide listeners on how to do the work to be better friends, better bosses, and better business women. Listen to find out more on how they grew their podcast community and how they have pivoted due to COVID-19.

Historically, women have often been pitted against each other thanks to the patriarchal society we live in. So how do you heal the female wound and move forward in your life with friendships that are supportive? According to Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of the Almost 30 Podcast, direct communication is key.

Jessica talked to Krista and Lindsey about the challenge of building a podcast and community. They also discussed how COVID-19 has made them address failure head on and pivot their business. If you’ve been wondering how to grow your business while also making time for interpersonal relationships, you’ll definitely want to take a listen.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [02:39] – Gentle June

  • [06:06] – Listener review of the week

  • [13:04] – The impetus for inner peace

  • [15:13] – How Almost 30 began

  • [17:37] – Making the partnership work

  • [23:13] – The wound of the female friendship

  • [28:39] – Evolving into a media brand

  • [33:09] – Personal branding done right

  • [37:48] – Learning from failure

  • [40:59] – Leadership blindspots

  • [44:31] –Radical Candor

  • [47:59] – Awakening into 5D consciousness

  • [51:12] – Strategies for growth

  • [55:23] – What does SimplyBe. mean to Lindsey and Krista?

More about this episode's Guest:

Hailed by Coveteur as “The Best Wellness Podcast to Listen to Right Now,” Almost 30 brings listeners together — online and offline — to relate, connect, and support each other through transitions. Think of Krista and Lindsey as your virtual best friends who are here to listen, share, and learn right along with you.

The podcast delves into themes such as wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self-development, and so much more. Krista and Lindsey are known for creating real, raw, and hilarious moments during their weekly interviews with fascinating guests. In each episode, they provide their listeners with actionable “aha!” moments and highly relatable stories.

With over 12 million downloads, the podcast has reached people in more than 150 countries. #ALMOST30NATION is a community of inspiring, enthusiastic, and loyal listeners who connect through events that have attracted more than 7,000 attendees.

Krista and Lindsey have also collaborated with brands such as Nicole Miller, Tory Burch, Kopari, HUM Nutrition, and more. They have been featured in Nordstrom’s The Thread, Brit + Co, Chalkboard Magazine, and Buzzfeed.

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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