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Numbers, downloads, and audience size does not necessarily equate to beautiful conversations, impact, new community members, or even you feeling as if you showed up in a way that made an impact in the world.

— Scout Sobel

The founder of Scout’s Agency, Scout Sobel, is an expert at getting women onto podcasts to elevate their brands, expand their business, and grow their impact. This episode is pure gold — Scout shares her incredible journey of living with bipolar disorder and taking radical responsibility for her mental health, going from not being able to function to finding purpose and fulfillment through entrepreneurship. She unpacks why podcasts are powerful for promoting your business or launching a product, and how to utilize podcast tours to amplify your brand.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Grow your brand, business, & impact through podcasting
  • Bipolar disorder & entrepreneurship: How Scout found purpose
  • The benefits of a micro vs. macro podcaster
  • The best exercise for pitching yourself
  • How Jess benefited from a podcast tour
  • Scout’s forecast for the future of podcasting

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