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“I can only be as honest with you as I am with myself.”

– Vasavi Kumar

In this episode of the Simply Be. Podcast, Vasavi Kumar, an in-demand speaker and life coach, shares how she went from a downward spiral of drugs and hook-ups to living a clean life of radical honesty. Jessica and Vasavi discuss why self-care is so important and what you can do to get better at spending time with yourself.

Vasavi Kumar is an in-demand coach and speaker. But bubbling underneath the surface of her success was an expensive drug habit that she had to hide from her clients. Unfortunately, her struggles didn’t end there. A toxic relationship kept her in a downward spiral. It wasn’t until she stopped to work on herself that she was able to find relief. On this episode of Simply Be. Podcast, Jessica and Vasavi discuss the concept of “radical honesty” and how it has transformed their lives.

Listen in to hear Vasavi’s inspiring story of perseverance and learn why honesty truly is the best policy. If you have trouble sitting and spending time with yourself, this episode is for you.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [01:20] – Last episode of season one

  • [03:06] – Speaking event & vacation

  • [06:41] – This week’s guest: Vasavi Kumar

  • [10:28] – Vasavi Kumar interview

  • [10:46] – How are you right now?

  • [11:38] – How have you become so comfortable inside your own skin?

  • [12:21] – Where the distraction led to

  • [13:28] – Rigorous honesty

  • [20:19] – Becoming the co-host of a live morning show

  • [24:07] – This time I chose to go

  • [26:01] – Expanding emotional capacity

  • [27:27] – Be all of who you are in the full spectrum of your life

  • [29:31] – Oversharing

  • [32:20] – The hunger for validation

  • [37:12] – What tools and strategies are you using to empower yourself?

  • [39:03] – What a world it would be if we just showed up fully honest

  • [41:16] – Full and total self worth

  • [43:09] – Don’t be a stranger to yourself

  • [46:33] – Who you let in when you fear being alone

  • [48:53] – People pleasing

  • [50:51] – What do people hire you to do?

  • [53:48] – Being in service even if you get paid

  • [54:23] – Vasavi Kumar’s website

  • [54:29] – Vasavi Kumar on Instagram

  • [54:32] – Vasavi Kumar on Facebook

  • [54:59] – What does SimplyBe mean to you?

More about this episode's Guest:

Vasavi Kumar is a Licensed Therapist and Certified Coach. Her mission is to bring out the very best in her clients. Her extensive background in entrepreneurship, emotional and mental well-being, and spirituality and mindfulness, qualifies her to listen, assess, and provide simple solutions for a variety of situations that her clients are going through. Vasavi’s approach and perspective allows her to serve a wide range of clients, from small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to increase their fulfillment in all areas of life.

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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