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“This is the highest, most original form of your thought leadership. This is something that you create from your brain, heart, and soul. It is your intellectual property that you drip out.”

– Jessica Zweig

If you’re serious about taking your brand to the next level, you’ve got to get serious about strategy. In this week’s edition of the SimplyBe. Podcast, Jessica shares four tips for planning out killer content that showcases your unique voice and style. Grab a pen and notebook, you’ll want to take notes!

Good branding doesn’t appear out of thin air. A well thought out strategy is the secret sauce to ensuring your branding is eye catching, authentic, and uniquely your own. Grab a pen and notebook, you’re going to want to take notes today as Jessica talks strategy.

Listen as Jessica shares the four secrets to the SimplyBe. Agency’s approach to strategy for personal brands. Learn all about the Content Pyramid (and why it needs to be your Bible), as well as the differences between pinnacle and secondary content.

If you need more personalized help, check out SimplyBe. Agency’s offerings or sign up for the accelerator course.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [02:57] – The new SimplyBe. office

  • [03:42] – Bespoke

  • [05:32] – Business development trip to New York

  • [09:18] – Listener review of the week

  • [11:27] – The SimplyBe. Content Pyramid

  • [14:10] – Your pinnacle piece of content

  • [15:17] – Secondary content

  • [16:33] – External outreach

  • [18:12] – Social media

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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