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“I realized how many self-limiting beliefs I really had underneath all of the confidence and success and sparkle that I think a lot of people see, and a lot of what I identify with.”

– Jessica Zweig

No matter how shiny and perfect someone’s life looks on Instagram, even lightworkers have their dark days. On this week’s solo episode of SimplyBe., Jessica gets vulnerable and talks about the stressors she experienced over the last month. Sometimes it takes a dark day to remember to reconnect with the divine and Jessica shares the mantra she used to reset her thinking.

SimplyBe. has had some exciting transitions over the last few weeks. But no matter how positive, transitions can often be stressful. Today, Jessica’s talking about some of the stressors she’s been up against in this vulnerable, solo episode. Even lightworkers have their dark days.

When times are tough, Jessica turns to the divine through meditation, and her guides had a very clear message for her. Listen to the episode to hear the mantra that got her through her stress and learn about the four realms of consciousness so you can begin to operate from a place of love over fear.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [03:23] – Listener review of the week

  • [06:11] – Running from scarcity

  • [15:41] – Four realms of consciousness

  • [16:22] – Michael Bernard Beckwith

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