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“Building your personal brand is a responsibility. Yes, it’s about defining your message and building a platform, but the deeper question you have to ask yourself is why? What does your message stand for?”

– Jessica Zweig

With so much chaos in the world, it can feel as though building your brand or platform is merely a vanity project. Nothing could be further from the truth! On this week’s episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast, Jessica offers a rallying cry for entrepreneurs and brands to really hone in on what they stand for and unapologetically share that truth with the world.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to spend a lot of time cultivating your brand identity on social media in order to reach new audiences. But with serious issues like war, hunger, and inequities in education, you may start to feel like branding is just a vanity project. On this week’s episode of The Simply Be Podcast, Jessica is here to remind you that so long as you know what you and your message stand for, building your platform isn’t egotistical, it’s just work.

After a conversation with an investor that left a bad taste in her mouth, Jessica realized that there are a lot of myths around the egos of entrepreneurs and media personalities. A recent education protest cemented her belief that it’s not frivolous to work on your brand – all brands and businesses offer a solution to a problem in their corner of the universe. Jessica discusses why you need to understand your overall message and why it’s so important that you speak your truth to a wider audience.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [01:17] – Writing sabbatical in Costa Rica

  • [02:47] – Debunking the myths about building a personal brand

  • [04:47] – Chicago Teachers Union strike

  • [07:04] – Living the light by spreading the light

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