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A global pandemic probably wasn’t in your list of things to prepare for in your business plan. But with Covid-19, that is our new reality for at least the next few months. Listen to this special edition of SimplyBe. Podcast to find out seven ways you can safeguard your mental health and your brand during these trying times. Listen, we’re all in this together!

Covid-19 is all over the news. But here is what you need to keep in mind: The sky is not falling. The sky is clearing. That’s right. Amidst all the craziness happening right now, you can choose a different path to protect your mental health and your business.

This week on SimplyBe. Jessica is talking about seven things you can do right now to weather a once-in-a-century pandemic to ensure your business is still thriving when we reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you need more ideas on keeping your momentum in light of Covid-19, join Jessica for a free webinar on Tuesday, March 24 where she’ll teach you how to keep a crystal clear brand amidst the chaos.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [01:13] – Entering a new realm of consciousness

  • [04:58] – How to Stay In the Light on IGTV

  • [06:26] – How to Sustain Your Business In Trying Times webinar

  • [07:07] -The SimplyBe VIBe program

  • [07:53] – Seven ways to shift your business model in light of COVID-19

  • [08:14] – Invest in your current clients

  • [11:14] – Invest in yourself

  • [13:52] – Google yourself

  • [17:01] – Grow authority on LinkedIn

  • [18:20] – Grow and sustain your community on Instagram

  • [19:54] – Find new ways to diversify your products and services

  • [22:22] – Create an online course

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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