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“There comes a point with the machine you create, you have to check-in and ask if it’s serving you more than you are serving it—and not every day is going to be that, but overall, are you getting out of it what you wanted?”

– Rachel White

Get ready for an epic conversation on developing your intuition, connecting with your Guides, and using tarot cards to build a business you love. Rachel White is the founder of Totem Readings, is a trained Shaman, medium, and energy practitioner who has been a guide for Jess in how she approaches her business and life. Rachel shares how she left the corporate world to be an entrepreneur, and her transformational journey going from atheism to spirituality. She gives grounded insight into building the muscle of your intuition, how to tap out of scarcity and into abundance mindset, and using these to create a truly fulfilling work life.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Building the muscle of your intuition & connecting to your Guides

  • Going from atheism to spirituality & corporate to entrepreneurship

  • Having your business work for you vs. you working for it

  • Tips for changing your mindset around money

  • Meditating on how you want your daily life to be

  • Finding your own voice & developing discernment

  • Live tarot reading for Jess

More about this episode's Guest:

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