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“If there’s stuff that you’re avoiding because you’re afraid it’s too scary or too much or it’s going to scare other people or it’s gonna make you look like a mess, then you are avoiding parts of your power.”

– Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is not one to shy away from her fears. It took years of painful processing for her to find her true purpose – using her art and creativity to guide other women on the journey toward self-understanding and acceptance. On this week’s episode of the SimplyBe. Podcast, Alexandra talks to Jess about trauma, healing, and sacred plant medicine. Listen in!

Alexandra Roxo was making branded movies for United Airlines and earning $8000 a day. But she soon realized that the life she was leading wasn’t the one she wanted. Through a painful process of confronting her fears head on, she realized her true purpose: using her art to coach other women.

This week on the SimplyBe. Podcast, Alexandra stopped in to talk to Jess about peeling back the layers of trauma and how to get in touch with the Goddess within. Alexandra and Jess also talk at length about the benefits of sacred plant medicine and how you can safely partake.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • [01:27] – Writing sabbatical in Costa Rica

  • [05:02] – Listener review of the week

  • [11:51] – Vehicle for awakening

  • [17:06] – The business of being Alexandra Roxo

  • [21:57] – Claiming your story

  • [26:59] – Story medicine circles

  • [30:14] – Tracking the lunar cycle

  • [34:35] – Sacred nights

  • [37:12] – Commitment to feeling

  • [39:28] – Direct line to mama

  • [49:11] – F*ck Like a Goddess

  • [56:54] – What SimplyBe. means to Alexandra

More about this episode's Guest:

Alexandra Roxo is a transformational coach, healer, writer, and artist who is extremely passionate about awakening the world and being of service. Her writing on personal growth, healing, the divine feminine resurgence, moon ritual, and modern spirituality can be read on, Teen Vogue, Mind Body Green, and more. She has been featured in many publications for her deep, sensual, and raw approach to healing and transformation, and has also been named a “modern spiritual leader” by Well + Good and has appeared on multiple TV shows and been featured in top podcasts. Find her on Instagram @alexandraroxo.

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


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