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“I decided I was going to be intentional with my entire life, asking ‘why am I doing it?’ to everything — everyone I spend time with, every choice I make, every dollar I spend to find out what’s underneath that decision. It made me become an observer of myself. And if we want to be powerful women in the world who get to do things our way and have it all, then we have to create self-sovereignty.”

– Jocelyn Kelly Reid

Jocelyn Kelly Reid is a leading Intuitive Business and Abundance Coach, Feminine Energy Healer, Money QUEEN on a mission to lead spiritual women in creating a big impact. This is an epic conversation that will help you break open your own self-limiting beliefs around success, validation, and expectations. You will love the similarities between Jessica and Jocelyn’s stories, and their journeys and insight into learning self-trust, self-sovereignty, and how to create massive abundance.

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • Jocelyn’s journey: BlackRock investment management to Business & Abundance Coach

  • Waking up to the powerful creator within after financial chaos & emotional addictions

  • How to become an observer of your own life & learn self-trust

  • Lead a life you love by developing self-sovereignty

  • Using radical accountability to become empowered

More about this episode's Guest:

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