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Creating a personal brand is not something that happens overnight.

Activate your biggest asset: your people.

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Companies often think that branding is just in their external messaging. They often overlook the fact that their people are their brand, and their biggest potential ambassadors both internally and externally. We understand just how important it is to empower and align the individual within an organization, so that the company’s brand may flourish.

SimplyBe. offers workshops and trainings for C-suites to entry level employees, on how to show up authentically at work and beyond. Our workshops range in format and in subject matter and can be tailored to your organization’s unique areas of opportunity.

Through our corporate training programs and personal branding workshops, your people will walk away with a deep understanding of the importance of building a personal brand, see new opportunities to leverage it, and provide your people with the tools to seamlessly articulate your unique message to the world.

Morning Star

SimplyBe.’s Personal Branding Elevation Program with Morningstar.

The first phase of our Morningstar partnership entailed full stop personal branding messaging and strategy for two public facing executives: Head of Asset Management and Head of Sustainability, with the final deliverables of a fully executable playbook and marketing rollout to power their personal brand platforms for 12 months.

As a follow-up to support the organization more broadly, and after over a year of fully remote work due to the pandemic, Morningstar Inc. sought to strategically engage its workforce. By hosting SimplyBe.’s personal branding workshops, their goal was to maximize the power of personal branding across key groups inside the organization: the professional development of the ‘Morningstar Development Group’ cohort—a group of rising star young professionals in their first 1-2 years at the company—and The Women’s Resource Group—a group of executive women and rising female leaders.

SimplyBe. guided each group through a series of workshops specialized for each, covering content centered on building their personal brands while enhancing their communication and confidence in service of Morningstar’s business objectives.

“Working with SimplyBe. has allowed us to provide our employees with enablement opportunities that inspire confidence. With this heightened level of confidence we’ve seen team members experiment to grow themselves personally as well as other team members.”

Kevin Seifert

Global Head of Learning and Development at Morningstar


“The personal branding session was incredible. I loved the specificity (real detailed examples of what ‘good’ looks like) and the customization for Googlers (including the high-level Hologram®). I’m glad I joined and would recommend something similar to others (/everyone!). Thank you!”


Personal Branding Workshop for the SDS DEI Council

Google’s Services and Distributed Solutions DEI council sought out SimplyBe. to elevate self-esteem and help unearth the unique attributes of its team members to boost their professional development in service of Google. Through SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Brand Workshop Training, participants developed an understanding of their unique attributes and how to frame them in correlation to their work at Google and beyond.

A survey was distributed to the participants post-training with the following results:

  • 20% Uplift in overall confidence in personal branding
  • 18% Uplift in ability to discuss accomplishments with managers
  • 15% Uplift in ability to showcase personal brand at work
  • 13% Uplift in ability to articulate accomplishments in performance-related documents

Develop your team of professionals to drive real ROI.

SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Branding Workshop with Salesforce.

Salesforce’s global network of exemplary female leadership, Women Aiming Higher, engaged SimplyBe. to work with its Central Region cohort in an intimate, high touch experience, dedicated to bolstering confidence, tapping into their innate feminine gifts, creating a deeper support system and refining their own unique personal brand identities for internal awareness and external clarity.

The group expressed that the biggest takeaways from SimplyBe.’s unique corporate training were from the following concepts covered in the workshop:

  • Your authenticity is your superpower
  • Consistency + Clarity + Constancy = Memorability
  • Your 9-5 self and your 5-9 self
  • Own your gifts and what makes you great

“That was an amazing hour spent—thank you! So inspirational on many levels.”

Vicki Sorensen

“I definitely plan to do the homework Jessica assigned on asking my professional and personal network to shine a mirror for me and share “what is my unique, intrinsic value?”

Brandi Rajski

Lead for Women Aiming Higher Central

“SimplyBe. shared superb content on this topic and a fresh perspective, plus a ton of energy!”

Tony Wells

Chief Media Officer | Verizon

SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Branding Workshop with Verizon.

Verizon Wireless’ Media & Engagement Department sought out SimplyBe.’s corporate training programs as a solution to improve self awareness, build individual brand messaging and increase team engagement on their internal social platform, VZWeb. We customized our Signature Personal Branding Workshop to promote VZWeb as the premier outlet for internal collaboration and team building. As a result, Verizon’s leadership reported increased productivity, cross-team collaboration and camaraderie.

Make an impact with your organization through a custom personal branding solution.

“[The SimplyBe. team has] brilliantly blended a natural ability of reading personalities with a deep understanding of how society sees people, and are able to use that to help people better understand themselves and how they are perceived. In working with my team, they tuned into our culture and helped us dive a little deeper into who we are and what makes us show up every day. I was able to not only identify ways to better myself, but I was able to help my team develop as marketers, professionals, teammates and people.”

Stasha Johnston

VP of Marketing | Monin Gourmet Flavors

SimplyBe.’s Personal Brand Foundation Program with Monin.

Monin’s C-Suite and Marketing Teams were seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and expand their understanding of personal branding as a tool in professional and personal development. As a first step, our CEO and Founder, Jessica Zweig, presented a half day training at the C-Suite’s Annual Planning Retreat with a personal branding workshop focusing on the future of leadership, empathy and authenticity. As a follow-up, SimplyBe. took the entire Monin Marketing Team through a half-day customized curriculum in developing their Personal Brand Holograms®.
As a follow-up to this workshop, our team of SimplyBe. specialists conducted deep dive sessions with small groups to provide personalized feedback and customization of their respective personal brand identities.

This series of interconnected workshops and follow-up sessions elevated Monin’s awareness of the impact of personal branding, confidence in messaging and their practical application from the executive level down to junior level marketers, amplifying authenticity across the organization.


SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Branding Workshop with Motorola.

Motorola engaged SimplyBe. to support a group of one hundred young professionals to discuss personal brand message development, as well as the power and importance of authentic networking, personal presence, presentation skills and physical style, as ways for your brand to come to life. The experience included an extended Q&A session where participants explored questions around personal identity vs. professional identity, concerns of credibility at early stages in career growth and advocating for themselves inside and outside the workplace.

SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Branding Workshop with Pinterest.

We worked with Pinterest’s international Creative Strategy Department to encourage cross-continental team building, expand their creative apertures and promote career progressions through the power of personal brand identity development and messaging through a cohesive corporate training program.

SimplyBe. accomplished this through separate but consecutive workshops with sets of groups within the department, using tailored interactive content  applicable to their industry. We walked each team through our trademarked methodologies and examined how our work elevated the careers of various creatives. These workshops were the springboard for personal brand development of the team’s respective talent, and also created space and time for team building in a remote work world.

As the final step in our partnership, our team of SimplyBe. specialists followed up within small group deep dives for individualized feedback on their Personal Brand Holograms® and coaching.


Find a custom solution for your organization.

SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Branding Workshop with Blackstone.

The predominantly Millennial workforce at Blackstone’s Employee Management group, Revantage Corporate Services, had an opportunity to learn new practices in messaging, personal presence and confidence. The VP of Culture and People Experience was seeking a personal branding expert and corporate training program to educate 800 nationwide employees on the importance of self-awareness in the workplace to further leverage the careers of its staff while elevating company perception at large. Through a 60-minute lunch-and-learn on the power of personal presence, along with a Q&A, SimplyBe. facilitated a workshop to a room of 300 live attendees, while 500 employees tuned in via WebCast.

SimplyBe.’s Personal Branding Foundation Program 
with Mars Inc.

The Mars Inc. Global Trade Function plays a critical role within the technology department of Mars-Wrigley. But, despite their diverse strengths and backgrounds, their unique value to the company at large was undefined and therefore overlooked. The team was also globally situated, with team members located across the US, Asia, Europe and the Emirates, posing an additional obstacle to this team’s synergy. As a result, the team felt undervalued from external team members and stakeholders, and internally disjointed. The team’s Senior Manager sought out SimplyBe.’s corporate training program as the solution to establish a unified message of thought leadership across his seven person team, while increasing the team’s optics for greater visibility—and ultimately impact.

SimplyBe.’s CEO and Founder Jessica Zweig led a four-hour Team Branding Workshop establishing the power of branding within a larger corporate environment. The team worked together to build their Team Brand Hologram®, SimplyBe.’s proprietary methodology, by defining the core values and strengths of each of individual team member in order to create a collective, unified message. Additionally, the team was given a LinkedIn optimization strategy and built a “go-to-market” plan to establish thought leadership amongst their peers. SimplyBe. also facilitated an accountability plan to ensure the day’s learnings were implemented beyond the workshop.

As a result, the team learned monthly, weekly and daily ways to increase their influence in their particular area of expertise across the organization, becoming the “go-to” team of experts within the technology department. Due to an increase of strategic communication through polished presentation skills, email messaging and LinkedIn white papers, the team became associated with new and better business results. Additionally, management reported an immediate increase in employee engagement. In a follow-up survey conducted by our team six months after SimplyBe.’s  workshop, the team assessed itself as high-functioning, valued, respected and engaged.