Want to know how to build a personal brand?

Start with the essentials.

Crystalize your brand message, optimize your social media, and create a personal brand logo to propel your platform into the market.

You’re likely at a transition point in your life or career—maybe you’re transitioning roles, maybe you’re making your side hustle your full-time gig, or perhaps you’re simply ready to take your message to the masses and step out as a thought leader.

Wherever you are in your journey, the Brand Essentialist is ideal for those looking for the essential building blocks to launch and amplify their personal brand platform

Our team of experts will craft your unique brand identity and provide you with the ultimate clarity in your message. We’ll also create your fully custom visual brand identity, inclusive of your very own personal brand logo. Finally, we’ll tie it all together in actionable next steps. You’ll walk away with an optimization and activation plan for the social media channel that best serves your objectives to ensure you make an impact where it matters most.

While every Brand Essentialist includes these ingredients, the final product is tailored to your unique message and goals. This offering meets you where you are and gives you the launching pad—and the confidence—to get started and gain immediate traction in the market.

Personal branding is a long game.

It takes time to build a business and cultivate enough expertise to be considered a true authority in your field.

You may be wondering where to even start… But one of the biggest risks of personal branding is the opportunity cost of inaction. Luckily, our team will tell you how to build a personal brand and set the foundation for your long-term growth and success. The Brand Essentialist includes key building blocks every brand needs to effectively get started:

  • A clear brand identity inclusive of your brand story, key messaging, voice and tone, content focus, brand guidelines, a unique elevator pitch, and more. (If you’re new to the concept of “brand identity,” think: the blueprint from which to build an unstoppable reputation in the market.)
  • An unmistakable visual brand inclusive of a personal brand logo, a brand mood board, custom brand marks, fonts, and colors, and custom brand asset templates. Your custom visual brand guidelines are designed to inform your brand assets, present and future—from business cards to PowerPoints to your website.
  • A social media channel optimization for either Instagram or LinkedIn inclusive of winning headlines and bios, visual direction, sample posts, a content calendar, and more. We give you a turnkey kit to activate your new brand on your most important channel and get seen.
  • And above all, the support of an expert team guiding you how and where to get started. You’ll be equipped with a dedicated team throughout our work together that will dive deep to get to know you and understand your goals and teach you how to build your personal brand, piece by piece.

Ready to turn your mastery into your message?

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By empowering her with the language and tools to effectively communicate her value to key audiences, Nesha Pai launched her new platform with clarity and confidence—and it changed her business and her life.

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You have clear goals in mind, but you don’t know how to build a personal brand.

You know you have something to say. You have a clear objective of where you want to take your career or business, you just need the strategic support and the expert tools to help you bring all of your experience and expertise into one, cohesive brand message. 

The way you present and speak about yourself, your experience, and the value you bring matters. Whether you’re being interviewed for a new executive position, building buzz as you get your new business off the ground, or in the early stages of networking and seeking new career opportunities, a crystal clear message will empower you to make an impact in any situation. 

Maybe you’ve never invested in yourself this way before. But you’ve likely also never felt this level of clarity in your next big step either. Reach your goals effectively and efficiently with the help of our expert team—we’ll empower you with the essentials to catapult you into success.


Q: How do I know this product is right for me?

A: If one or more of these apply to you, The Brand Essentialist may be the fit for you:

  • You are at an inflection point in your career or business.
  • You have a clear objective, business plan, or goal, but you’re lacking the right messaging.
  • You are prepared to execute your brand at the completion of this project; you may have a marketing team in place or a desire to take charge of your brand yourself once you have your foundation in place.
  • Your social media presence leaves something to be desired, but you know that key people (employers, industry peers, investors and others) are looking you up online.

Q: How much input or say do I have in the development of my brand? (And what’s my time commitment?)

A: Our team loves feedback. It’s the superjuice that brings our collaborative ideas to fruition. Every Brand Essentialist is completely different, and that’s due to the beautiful input from our clients. We never want anyone to walk away feeling that our team didn’t capture the 360-degree story that is you, and so the more you give, the more you get. All that said, this product is designed for busy individuals. End-to-end, pending your feedback, this project takes anywhere from 6–8 weeks to complete. Your time is required at key checkpoints, and you have full access to our team for insights or questions during the duration of the project, but our team will do the heavy lifting. It is not a time-intensive commitment on your end.

Q: I completed The Brand Essentialist project… then what?

A: The Brand Essentialist gives you turnkey resources and instructions to optimize your social media and begin utilizing your new brand message and visuals immediately. That said, we’ll give you as many resources and materials as possible, but building a personal brand in the world comes down to YOU bringing it to life through daily, weekly, monthly actions.

Q: Does this product include ongoing brand support?

A: No. The Brand Essentialist is a project-based engagement with our team. You will, however, be fully equipped (we’re talking copy-and-paste-able sample posts written in your voice!) to begin executing immediately at the end of our work together. Alternatively, if at the end of the project, you are interested in engaging our team on an ongoing basis, we are happy to discuss a partnership that makes sense for your goals and budget.

Very grateful to the entire SimplyBe. team for taking me on a journey about which I was deeply uncomfortable. Thank you for the support, encouragement, and enthusiasm to help me look at this entire space and journey differently!

Scott M. Curran

Founder & CEO, Beyond Advisers

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Ready to turn your mastery into your message?

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