Become a Thought Leader Through Personal Branding

Looking for a personal PR firm? You might need this instead.

If you’re reading this you’ve likely been on the lookout for a personal PR firm. Or maybe you’ve been wanting help with your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Maybe you’ve seen other leaders in your space emerging with stronger and sharper personal platforms and haven’t been quite sure what to call it or where to start in building your own. 

We’re happy to report that you’re in the right place. While we offer the support of a personal PR firm and we can create a mean LinkedIn content strategy, we’ll tell you off the bat that those are only two pieces of a much larger equation. 

The equation called thought leadership.

When Clear Messaging and Strategy Combines with a Personal PR Firm

For leaders in today’s world, personal branding is no longer optional. It’s not enough to let your organization’s brand do the talking for you. You must lead from the front and define your own story before the world defines it for you. 

Our flagship programs and fully immersive personal brand experience will turn you from unknown expert to sought after thought leader. We build your brand from the ground up by first defining your bespoke message and value proposition. From there, we build a comprehensive strategy that’s informed by your unique objectives. 

While a personal PR firm will often jump ahead to tactics and execution, we take a much more intentional approach to building a brand that will stand the test of time—not just a flash in the pan with a few media hits. It’s this approach that has garnered our clients not just attention in their markets, but countless business wins that have changed the course of their careers

There are two ways to build your all-encompassing brand with our team:

The Thought Leader Program

This is your full-service, one-stop-shop. The Thought Leader Program gives you unprecedented access to our fully loaded team of experts. 

Through real time collaboration, your team will define your brand identity and unique content strategy, and will thereafter serve as arbiters of your brand through ongoing execution and support. This is a 13-month engagement (1 month of building and strategy, 1 year of ongoing brand support).


  • Executives
  • CEOs
  • Leaders of teams or entrepreneurs who lack internal resources to execute a robust personal brand platform

The Thought Leader Strategy

This fully immersive personal brand experience is ideal for leaders who are looking for clarity in their message, a brand foundation and strategic guidance, but have access to their own in-house resources to bring it to life.

Through real time collaboration with SimplyBe.’s team of experts, we will define your objectives, brand message, target audience, your key differentiators, a customized content strategy, a one of a kind personal PR firm strategy, a granular social media strategy, and a 12-month execution and rollout plan, empowering you to create impact for years to come. This is an 8—10 week engagement.


  • Entrepreneurs with in-house marketing capabilities (whether that’s you or your team)
  • Early stage founders or solopreneurs with intent to build a team in the future

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Q: Who is the Thought Leader Program for?

A: Our flagship program is a comprehensive, bespoke personal branding solution. This is a 100% customized, 6-figure annual investment, ideal for leaders who are looking for a dedicated personal branding team for a year or more.

While this appeals to a wide range of people, it’s primarily designed for two main types of individuals:

1. Executives and Entrepreneurs who are ready to use their personal brands as a marketing and/or talent acquisition tool. A good rule of thumb is to invest about 10% of revenue into marketing, so if your company generates over $5M in gross revenue and the pain points resonate, you are a good candidate for this program. See some of our work within larger teams at Edlong Corporation and Second Front Systems

2. Self-funded, High Net-Worth Individuals with significant resources and a mission for positive impact will find that this program aligns with their goals. This year-long, six-figure investment offers a bespoke solution, an outsourced team, and ongoing partnership for impactful personal branding. See what the Thought Leader program looks like in action

If you don’t fall into one of these buckets but think this could be a good fit for you, we encourage you to still reach out! The beauty of this work is its versatility.

Q: Who is the Thought Leader Program NOT for?

A: The Thought Leader Program may not be the right fit for you if you need real-time reactive content, as our focus is on crafting meaningful thought leadership content rather than immediate commentary. Additionally, if you’re specifically looking for social media community management, this may not be the right program for you.

Q: Who is the Thought Leader Strategy for?

A: This is an immersive personal branding program tailored for leaders seeking clarity in their messaging, a robust brand foundation, and strategic direction. It’s particularly valuable for:

1. Founders in transition: Ideal if your business has already achieved some success but now requires more than your network or word-of-mouth to grow. This program will be a catalyst for your next phase of growth.

2. Entrepreneurs with in-house marketing: Perfect if you have a marketing team that may either be short on time or lack the strategic knowhow to build an effective branding strategy. This program provides a comprehensive playbook, equipping your team with the tools and insights needed to develop an effective branding strategy.

3. Solopreneurs with intent to build a team. Right if you’re currently operating on your own but plan to build a team within the next year. This program lays the groundwork for your business’s branding and serves as an invaluable resource and onboarding tool for new team members, ensuring consistency from the jump.

Q: Who is the Thought Leader Strategy NOT for?

A: The Thought Leader Strategy is not ideal for someone primarily looking for business, product, or sales support. In short, our programs market your business, they’re not designed to come up with your business. This is also not for you if you’re looking for executional support, but if at the end of the project, you are interested in engaging our team on an ongoing basis, we are happy to discuss a partnership that makes sense for your goals and budget.

Q: How do the Thought Leader Strategy and the Thought Leader Program differ?

A: The key differences come down to your budget and executional abilities.

  • The Thought Leader Strategy is a project-based approach in which you execute. Over 8—10 weeks, our team develops a comprehensive deliverable for you and/or your team to implement.
  • The Thought Leader Program is a longer term partnership in which we execute. If you lack an in-house team and/or your budget is flexible, this might be a better fit. This program offers more extensive support and ongoing accountability, in which our team not only develops your strategy but assists in bringing it to market. We recommend discussing your specific needs with our team to explore this further.

Q: How do you get to know me in order to create content for me?

A: At SimplyBe, our approach is rooted in the philosophy of “slow down to speed up.” This is reflected in our unique 6-week discovery period, a comprehensive onboarding experience unlike anything else in the market. Our process includes (but is not limited to):

1. Brand Audit: We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing brand.

2. Discovery Call: This step involves a detailed interview-style conversation with our team to understand your vision and goals.

3. 6-Hour Live Experience: The highlight of our onboarding is a dedicated day where you become our sole focus. This immersive experience gives us deep insight into your thought process, and you get an exclusive look into our proprietary branding methodology.

This intensive discovery phase equips us to craft your distinct brand identity and strategy. However, our collaboration doesn’t stop there. We include checkpoints and feedback sessions over the following month to refine and perfect our approach to your brand. Once we have your complete approval, we either transition seamlessly into ongoing execution (Thought Leader Program) or hand over the keys to you and your team (Thought Leader Strategy). Our aim is to encapsulate your brand essence so accurately that we can represent you online, allowing you to focus on being yourself offline.

Q: Who will my team be?

A: At minimum, you will have a dedicated account manager, content lead, creative lead, and a member of executive leadership to oversee your strategy. Depending on your engagement, you may have other dedicated members of your team, such as a personal PR lead, and we constantly collaborate internally to maximize the expertise across our larger team. Think of it this way: you are getting 5-10 experts for the price of one mid-level marketer!

Q: What is the time commitment required, and how can I be an effective partner in this process?

A: We understand that our clients, often busy executives, have *very* limited time. We prioritize efficiency in all of our interactions, and our goal is that you don’t have to repeat yourself. Each call you have with our team is an opportunity to go deeper, regardless of who you speak to from SimplyBe. 

Your primary commitment is to actively participate in these calls, as that’s when we will hear your unique perspective, which is crucial for our team to deliver. There will also be times in which deliverables are in need of your approval. We’ll provide clear turnaround timelines to ensure everything is delivered to you in a timely manner. 

For the Thought Leader Strategy, it’s important you have clear objectives and defined measures of success. Though we will help you refine these, we can’t come up with them for you. Ideally, you should also have revenue-generating products as this helps align our efforts with your business goals.

Working with SimplyBe. on my Thought Leader Strategy was a game-changer for my brand and business. SimplyBe. helped us tell our story, create a website, and break down our multifaceted identity. Their in-person day was incredible, and their team felt like family. If you’re ready to put in the work, SimplyBe. provides a wealth of information that can propel your brand forward. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to strengthen their brand and narrative.

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Ready to become a thought leader?

Connect with our team to learn more about our flagship programs.