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Live Richly, Shine Brightly, Love Lionhearted

How clear brand messaging, an original video series and comprehensive social media strategy set up this sales mogul for his next chapter after selling his first company.

How do you define success? Some say it’s tangible achievements like a prestigious education, a lucrative career, or a beautiful family. Others say it’s your character—traits like athleticism, stoicism, intellect and strength.

Yet if you ask Richard Bright Lyons, a man blessed with all of the above, and then some, he’ll tell you the measure of one’s life isn’t defined by what you have or what you get, but what you give. And it’s for this reason precisely that his life is so rich. Because when your purpose is to make a difference in as many peoples’ lives as possible, you’re always looking for ways to maximize your potential.

Rich Lyons grew his first company, Lyons Consulting Group, into a foremost leader in digital customer experience. This led to their acquisition by Capgemini in 2017. When he came to SimplyBe., Rich was building the foundation for the next stage of his career. He wasn’t sure yet what that next phase would look like exactly, but he did know he had a big mission: he wanted to spread his light and wisdom to transform men—business leaders, partners and fathers alike—into more emotionally intelligent human beings.

Rich needed support to craft a brand identity that effectively communicated his impressive experience while maintaining his humility.

Rich Lyons - Client Story - Brand Identity

Enter: SimplyBe.’s Thought Leader Program.

Rich was incredibly well-respected in his circles, but in order to scale his impact, we needed to build a crystal clear message that could be communicated quickly to anyone, anywhere.


  • a laser focus on Rich’s objectives
  • crystal clear messaging
  • a customized, fully produced video series and corresponding blog posts
  • a comprehensive Instagram and LinkedIn strategy
  • and a completely redesigned visual brand and website

Rich Lyons established credibility in his circles and beyond. Soon, he was seen as more than his experience.

Without a clear vision, the rest doesn’t matter.

Rich may have been in a transitional period when he found SimplyBe., but he was always clear on the impact he wanted to leave on this world.

Rich’s goal was to help entrepreneurs and salespeople maximize their ultimate potential and achieve success beyond what he was known for with the Lyons Consulting Group and Capgemini.

Everything SimplyBe. created for and with Rich was in service of this goal.

Clear brand messaging will set you apart.

Rich is so much more than an entrepreneur, or businessman, or a salesperson. He has a passion for waking people up to a bigger, brighter, better way of living. He shows others that it’s possible to be masculine and feminine at the same time—and in fact, the world needs both. He shows others you don’t have to sacrifice your family for business success, or vice versa. Being a good husband and father makes you a better businessman.

Masculinity (lion) + femininity (love) = Love Lionhearted.

Rich Lyons - Client Story - Visual Brand

Visual branding and cohesion will earn you a competitive advantage.

There are a lot of “sales and business gurus” out there. To stand out, Rich needed a visual brand to validate his love-first message.

SimplyBe. recommended building a visual brand identity and website that was aligned to Rich’s refined brand message. Through a comprehensive brand discovery, we identified Rich’s guiding words for his visual identity: Clear, Minimal, Bright, Organic, Balanced, Spiritual. These words served as the foundation for his entire visual identity.

We incorporated triangles—the stronger shape in nature—pointing both up and down to represent the ups and downs on life’s journey, and ultimately, the balance we all seek. Finally, Rich’s earthy color palette was designed to demonstrate both masculine and feminine values, furthering his brand message, visually.

Rich Lyons - Client Story - Website

Thought leaders think.

We knew that an updated website would only take Rich so far if he wasn’t consistently creating original content that provided value to his audience. After an in-depth audience analysis, SimplyBe. recommended a video and micro-blogging strategy for Rich. The reasoning behind these recommendations was:

  • Rich is incredibly engaging when speaking; we first considered a podcast but he is so animated that removing the visual component would have omitted his true magic.
  • Video performs very well on both LinkedIn and Instagram, which were the two social media channels we recommended for Rich.
  • Videos provide a library of content to repurpose—in blogs (to further solidify his thought leadership and online presence) and social media content.

Together, we created a three-season video strategy, each season with its own theme:

  • Season one: Live Richly
  • Season two: Shine Brightly
  • Season three: Love Lionhearted

His video series spoke directly to his target audience of (mostly male) executives, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. We didn’t want this to be another sales training series, so our videos focused instead on life principles, which, in accordance with Rich’s thought leadership, helps you remain steady and solve business problems.

Corresponding blog posts further established credibility and showcased expertise when someone visited Rich’s LinkedIn page.

Rich Lyons - Client Story - Blogging

Social media serves as your daily microphone.

Social media is one of the last things SimplyBe. touches in the brand building process, but no one can deny its importance when it comes to staying relevant. When done correctly, social media serves as a microphone for your thought leadership and a surefire way to stay top of mind with your key audiences.

SimplyBe. recommended Instagram and LinkedIn as Rich’s two primary social media channels to target both his executive clients and the parenting community. Each platform had a slightly different approach.

Over the course of one year, Rich went from 30-200 views per post on LinkedIn to an average of 2,100 views per post on LinkedIn. Prior to working with SimplyBe., Rich’s best performing post on LinkedIn received 1,395 views—his best performing post since our work began received 30,000 views.

Rich Lyons - Client Story - Social Media

If you’re looking to make an impact, start now.

If you have a vision and you want to make an impact on the world, you need to invest in your personal brand. Rich was in a transitional time of his life and wasn’t completely sure what the next phase held, but he didn’t let that hold him back. He knew that in order to have a successful next phase, whatever that may be, he needed to have a strong reputation. And the only way to scale trust is to integrate your offline presence with your online one.

Rich is proof that when you raise your consciousness, you begin to live richly, shine brightly, and love with a lionheart. That’s in service to you and the world around you, and the true measure of success.

Unlock the only marketing tool you’ll ever need: an authentic personal brand.

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