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Elevating key organizational leaders to attract top talent & quality leads.


The Challenge:

Second Front Systems is much more than a software company. They are closing the divide between industry and government by equipping defense and national security professionals with cutting-edge technologies. In a saturated market where software traditionally does the talking, Second Front (2F) needed to change their market perception. When they approached SimplyBe, they had clear goals in mind:

  • To attract top, highly specialized talent in the market in a competitive hiring climate
  • To gain an edge in the competitive defense tech industry
  • Build new relationships with top government officials for added credibility and increase inbound leads to drive revenue
  • In a male and white dominated space, position themselves as culturally innovative and transform the makeup of their team 

People don’t work for companies—they work for people. They knew that the key to achieving these goals and differentiating themselves in the defense tech space lied in elevating their executive leadership.


The Solution:

SimplyBe. partnered with Second Front to uncover and execute the unique brand identities and strategies of two of their key executives: Tyler Sweatt, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chrissy McGarry, Chief Operating Officer. We created two independent but interrelated platforms that would go on to create and promote their own content and each other’s. The brand identities were unique to the individuals, but both of their strategies served their primary organizational goals. 

The largest and most unique strategic undertaking was their original and niche podcast, All Quiet on the Second Front, which since its launch has amassed thousands of downloads and has opened strategic doors and partnerships. With Tyler as the host and Chrissy as a recurring guest, it created the ultimate platform for 2F to shine.

Our team also developed and executed both executives’ unique LinkedIn strategies. The goal on this channel was to be seen as credible and experienced thought leaders in the commercial tech industry while driving brand awareness for All Quiet on the Second Front and 2F. Both Tyler and Chrissy have garnered hundreds of thousands of impressions since our work began, and have subsequently grown their individual LinkedIn followings, moving the needle for more exposure and opportunities.

Because of their growing presence on social media, our team has also facilitated the procurement of dozens of PR opportunities for the defense tech company, totalling over 50+M UVMs.

Beyond the impressive metrics, both the CRO and the COO have been inundated on their personal and company channels with yes, words of encouragement and gratitude, but career opportunity inquiries—our primary objective and success metric for this defense tech company’s brand work. 

And our work is just beginning.


The Results:

In just our first 90 days of work together, we amassed:

  • 1200+ podcast downloads on their brand new company show
  • 50M+ UVMs across PR placements within tech, leadership, and lifestyle 
  • 165K+ impressions across their social media footprints

The All Quiet on the Second Front podcast has opened up doors that weren’t available to 2F before, with top government officials reaching out asking to be guests. The podcast also served as a seamless platform to facilitate the announcement of Tyler Sweatt’s promotion to CEO in Q2 of 2023, further evolving the organization’s perception.

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