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At this point, you’re likely familiar with the concept of “personal branding” and how you show up.

Whether it’s in earnest as you prepare for an interview for your dream job, or with a hint of irony as you pick the perfect Instagram filter, or even in true gravitas as you publish an article on a potentially controversial topic…

Who we are, how we present ourselves, and the results both have on how we engage with the world is never far from our minds. However, for all the talk about personal brands, our efforts to build our platforms are often disjointed and half-hearted. It’s a concept we can understand and get behind, but when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, we lose all semblance of a strategy.

It’s in this very dilemma that our foundational branding methodologies as SimplyBe. were born. We saw the desire, and frankly the need for personal branding to be more than a point of conversation. We saw the potential, when done right (and by right, we mean in service), for personal branding to transform lives. So we built a business around giving clients the strategy, tools and support to build a platform that allows them to make an impact.

In the process of doing this, we’ve come across a transformation of our own. We found that the run-of-the-mill agency structure came with limitations on the brands we wanted to create and the ideas we wanted to bring to life. The very nature of agency operations puts efficiency over creativity and reduces agility by putting about 100 hoops between every decision and its final outcome.

And as a company built for disruption, this just wasn’t going to cut it for us. 

Enter, SimplyBe.’s Thought Leader Program: the response to every qualm listed above, and then some. 

Our flagship program and fully immersive personal brand experience turns our clients from unknown experts to sought after thought leaders. 

The Thought Leader Program gives you unprecedented access to our fully loaded team of experts. It kicks off with a full day with your SimplyBe. team, in which together (with you) we dream, conceptualize, strategize and build. It’s a day filled with breakthroughs and it’s an inherently playful and messy process (yes, we have whiteboard walls). We learn everything we can about you, and in doing so, we teach you everything we know about what it takes to build a clear and consistent brand. 

This day is the first of your journey into authenticity. And it’s changed lives. 

Coming out of this day, our team polishes and finesses our beautiful creative mess of ideas to define your brand identity and unique content strategy, and thereafter serve as arbiters of your brand through ongoing execution and support. 

We are a company of hungry individuals. We are eager to enact change, and the Thought Leader Program model speaks to that. It also attracts like-minded individuals to our company, who have a sense of urgency around creating something meaningful. 

It’s this insatiability, this thirst for transformation that unites our Thought Leader clients, most of whom travel across the country and even internationally to work with us. And it’s through working with each individual, from executives to consultants to doctors and beyond, that we know what we’ve created is working. Our experiential process has turned the agency model on its head, and people are noticing. But more than that, the platforms we build together are gaining traction—from speaking gigs to content creation and everything in between. Graduates of the Thought Leader Program are seeing results from their growing platforms. 

That’s personal branding and disruption at its finest. 

Interested in learning more about The Thought Leader Program? Let’s talk about how you can change the world.


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