Personal branding, in your hands.

Be. is the roadmap to help you build your brand, your confidence, and your platform

Personal branding is more than just messaging and strategy.

It’s a pathway to personal empowerment and a permission slip to unapologetically and authentically be who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

The book, Be., was your introduction to SimplyBe.’s methodologies. We’re following it up with a paperback version of the book and brand new companion piece, Be. The Workbook, with over 100 fresh pages taking you deeper into your personal branding journey than ever before.

The Book.

Be. will teach you how to:

  • Define your one-of-a-kind message
  • Build a simple but expert digital strategy
  • Get seen in the media as a thought leader and increase your brand’s perception
  • Create winning content and establish yourself as the expert
  • Build a sustainable online following using evergreen principles of social media
  • Define your signature brand style to illustrate confidence wherever you go
  • Establish your company core values to rally your team around your vision and mission

Now available in paperback!

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The Branding Methodology in Be.

  • The Personal Brand Hologram®: a branding exercise in laying the foundation for a strong personal brand by clearly defining your brand slogan, areas of expertise, and the unique qualities you bring to these areas that no one else can.
  • The Pinnacle Content Framework™: a branding exercise that teaches you how to focus your creative energies, and build brand recognition through creating and amplifying original content.
  • The Supernova™ framework: a branding exercise that enables you to dig deep and identify and hone your unique strengths and areas of expertise. Creating original content will allow you to enhance your reputation and grow your personal brand platform.
  • The Orion’s Roadmap™ framework: a branding exercise that enables you to identify and map your media and press goals. Whether your goal is releasing a new product or a personal appearance on the Today Show, you can’t get there all in one day. This framework helps you see the bigger picture, break down the steps toward achieving your goals, and create a long-term strategy for attaining them.

  • The Evergreen Principles of Social Media: creating valuable, engagement-worthy content requires a thoughtful strategy. Implement our algorithm-proof posting strategies and watch your audiences, connections and communities grow.

The Companion Workbook.

Be. The Workbook provides you with all new tools and exercises including how to:

  • Audit your brand and understand your true growth areas and opportunities
  • Build your own Personal Brand Mantra: an exercise designed to create personal accountability to this work (and to remind you why you started in the first place when it gets tough!)
  • Define your guiding vision as a leader
  • Analyze the audiences you’re trying to reach and what truly makes them tick
  • Be an authentic leader and implement all that you’ve built with your brand and strategy, and how it can impact your future growth and success
Get your copy

Bring personal branding to your organization.

Personal branding is your new employee engagement strategy.

All of the framework exercises covered in our book Be., in our companion workbook, as well as in our seminars and workshops—such as the Hologram® exercise, the Pinnacle Content Framework™ exercise, the Orion’s Roadmap™ exercise, and the Supernova™ framework and others—can be individually tailored to meet the needs of an individual or business as part of our standard services, and can also be supplemented within a seminar, workshop, or offsite to identify individuals’ and teams’ areas of expertise, assist in their creating of unique original content, strategy development, and content amplification.

Learn more about our full curriculum for organizations here.

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