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PR is the most effective tool that YOU can use to create the most powerful platform.

The ideas behind Traditional PR have completely shifted since the pandemic, and over are the days of traditional media outlets being the sole gatekeepers of information.

Whether you’re trying to reach millions or 100 people, building a clear platform and brand story through owning who YOU are will allow you to be your own media channel.

If you want to be a thought leader in your industry and increase your reach, it’s time to level up with an online pr strategy.

The PR space has changed. Today, it’s about:

  • The best story
  • The best hook
  • The best thought leadership

By embedding the content you share with authenticity, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and amplify your message to the world. 

At this point in time, PR has never been more exciting. However, traditional PR is not enough. WE as individuals hold the pen and create the stories. 

Become your own media channel with an online PR strategy:

1. Bring Valuable Content To The Table.

By providing content that adds value to the lives of your audience, you can establish a strong connection, build a community, and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Developing a platform with foundations of service is how we change our companies, our circles, and the world. 

This may look like:

Sharing groundbreaking ideas on your podcast. Craft compelling episode topics, invite engaging guests, and deliver engaging discussions that leave your listeners informed and inspired.

Writing authentic personal blogs on your LinkedIn. Write thought-provoking articles that address common challenges or trends in your industry providing practical solutions and actionable takeaways. Respond to your comments to foster conversations and expand your network.

Offering new perspectives on a hot topic through an Instagram Reel. Experiment with different content styles, such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, or quick tips to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Valuable content not only educates, but also builds community and establishes leadership. Avoid creating content for the sake of creating noise. Instead, strive to provide value and present your audience with a fresh perspective on the topics that matter to them. 

      TL;DR: Develop an online PR strategy with the intent and focus of adding value to the lives of your audience.

2. Leverage Your Unique Channels.

Today, there seems to be endless forms of content filling our feeds—whether it’s short-form videos, podcasts, or blogs. It’s crucial to make the right selections to reach your audience.

Utilizing optimal content forms while offering your unique perspective builds credibility and trust with your audience. Consider the preferences and habits of your audience. Where are they spending their time online? Are they more likely to be receptive to written, video, or audio content? Align your approach to meet your audiences where they are.

Infuse your content with authenticity, and you can establish genuine connections and differentiate yourself from others with influence. This type of content captivates, engages, and builds loyalty.

      TL;DR: Great media channels are great content creators. Great content creators become great media channels.

3. Create Community.

When you have a true community, you have influence. When you have influence, you’re no longer the star of your show.

Considering the value you have to offer your audience is essential when it comes to the type of content you are promoting. Think about how you’re benefiting the person on the other side of the screen. If there’s nothing in it for them, consider reframing what you share.

Use your influence to uplift and empower the members of your community, as you have the power to shape opinions and inspire action. Is your content improving lives? Is it educating? Is it inspiring?

Connection is at the heart of a strong community. Consider creating opportunities for your audience to connect with you and with one another with Live Q&As, polls, and events. The more you actively engage with your community, the stronger the bond becomes.  Reinforce the notion that the community is not just about you, but about everyone involved.

This may not seem like a one-way ticket to an online PR strategy, but building community is the secret sauce when it comes to credibility.

      TL;DR: Communication and community are a two-way street. You are not the only star of your show.

4. Be Consistent.

You can love or hate media sources like social media channels, news stations, and publications, but you can depend on them to deliver—every single day. 

If you want to be recognized and stay top of mind to your target audiences, you need to show up just as often. Through a consistent, authentic, interconnected web of content unique to your perspective and expertise, you can build true connection between yourself and your audience. Consistency reinforces your brand identity and helps your audience develop a deeper understanding of who you are and what you stand for. 

Once you build a consistent stream of content, you’ll unlock a whole new side of social media—you’ll be able to see how your perspective is touching people’s lives in a meaningful and positive way. As they come to rely on your insights, advice, or entertainment, you’ll gain their loyalty, support, and engagement. 

      TL;DR: Stay consistent, continue to provide value, and watch your impact grow.

There’s no doubt that traditional PR like TV, print, and radio still make an impact today. But these mediums don’t compare with what you can uniquely bring as your own media channel. Having all the digital tools at our disposal makes it simple, but the work is not easy. 

When people want to work with you, they’ll seek you out, they’ll check out your content, and if it’s value-driven and consistent, they may even become a part of your community. And that’s a big “if”. Follow these four steps to create an online PR strategy that elevates and leverages the media channel called you.

The bar has been raised. And your industry is looking to you.


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