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Unleash the power of your data.

How this data and analytics company increased qualified leads by amplifying their leadership.

Analytics8 brings humanity to a conventionally impersonal industry—data and analytics. 

How? Their industry leadership is driven by their people. Our challenge in bringing this message to the world was how to elevate key voices in the organization without compromising on their existing core values (one of which is humility).

92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands.


Enter: SimplyBe.’s  Thought Leader Program.

When Analytics8 came to SimplyBe. they were looking to elevate their industry leadership. To do that, we created a solid thought leadership strategy to amplify key thought leaders’ voices as ambassadors of the organization.

We worked with Analytics8’s executive team to:

  • create updated messaging for the company 
  • offer strategic recommendations on which three executives to highlight depending on their audiences and job titles
  • build a custom thought leadership strategy, harnessing said executives’ personalities
  • manage the ongoing LinkedIn presence for multiple stakeholders inside Analytics8

Month over month, we strategically chose the best posting activities, enabling each leader to show up and out on LinkedIn and to grow—from simple brand awareness-building into steady traction.

Through this work, Analytics8 increased employee motivation and inbound client acquisition, and aligned executive leadership to organizational marketing initiatives.

Step 1. Refresh the company’s messaging and goals.

Analytics8 was made up of technical experts who struggled to market themselves and the company. SimplyBe. began our engagement by defining their unique value proposition, uncovering their market positioning, and crystalizing their goals.

SimplyBe. works with industry leaders, not influencers, and our thought leadership strategy addressed their business goals: earn more qualified leads and continue to invest in culture.

Our competitive analysis showed us that their competitors were polished and solely from the company’s account. At that time, none of their major competitors were amplifying the leadership. Branding their leadership would be a huge differentiator for us to infuse humanity into Analytics8’s public persona.

Step 2. Integrate a thought leadership strategy into the company’s marketing plan.

Once the company message was defined, SimplyBe. worked with the marketing department and executive team to determine which leaders to amplify. This decision was informed by their unique message, job title, and audience. From there, we moved into ongoing social media management for the individual leaders to capitalize on the thought leader strategy we built out for them. This approach allowed us and the marketing team to achieve a wider reach than if we were to have solely focused on the company’s marketing or on one individual. We started with three leaders in service of growing Analytics8.

After only three months of working together, three promising prospects proactively reached out to our brand ambassadors, citing the LinkedIn content we’d helped craft as the reason.

Our work together allowed the marketing team to scale their efforts. By infusing individual voices into the company’s holistic thought leadership strategy, we authentically saturated the market, earning higher engagement and growth. Within three months of working together, three highly qualified leads had approached three different brand ambassadors.

Step 3. Empower, Expand, Elevate, Repeat.

Other employees and members of leadership quickly raised their hands to be included in the new thought leadership strategy and speak on behalf of Analytics8 and soon, we added more voices to the initiative and saw brand awareness continue to increase.

For over a year, SimplyBe. met weekly with Analytics8 to provide strategic support to its marketing department, guide the individuals to create thoughtful content, review content performance data, and continuously iterate our approach, ensuring optimal results from their thought leadership strategy. Our continuous data analysis gave us powerful insights into each individual platform.

Over the course of our partnership together from 2020-2021, we created 200+ posts, 347,503 views, 5,563 reactions, 673 comments and 20+ shares.

Personal branding is an act of service, not an act of vanity.

Corporations often have a few concerns when it comes to using personal branding in their overall thought leadership strategy:

Q: “What if we invest in only a few people and they leave the organization? Isn’t that a business risk?”

A: As we saw with Analytics8, personal branding increases overall employee engagement. When a company demonstrates that the individuals are critical to its success, and are integral to the thought leadership strategy’s success, those people lean in and that creates a ripple effect. The ultimate spokespeople for your brand are the ones inside your four walls. 

Q: “We aren’t interested in being in the limelight, and that seems to go against our core values.”

A: Personal branding is the channel through which you can align your public image with your most authentic self. If you are a humble person, your personal brand should reflect that. Our strategic work elevated the individuals and companies without once compromising their humility.

Q: “Will personal branding take our people away from their work?”

A: No. In fact, it makes them work smarter. Personal branding is at the heart of every part of an organization because people are at the heart of business. Nearly 1 in 3 employees don’t feel fulfilled at work. When employees feel unfulfilled, they are:

  • Actively looking for another job outside the organization and will leave within the year
  • 71% less likely to promote the organization as a great place to work
  • 47% less likely to put in a great deal of effort to help the organization succeed

By demonstrating how their contributions connects to a clearly defined organizational purpose, you will see an increase in productivity and employee engagement.

Analytics8 learned through this process that personal branding is not an act of vanity but an act of service—to the world and to your company.

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