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The Healing Catalyst

How clear messaging, a sharp strategy and a cohesive visual brand established this doctor as a recognized leading voice in her industry.

When Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh left her career in emergency medicine to practice Ayurveda full time, many of her fellow doctors thought she was crazy. And for a brief moment, she believed them. Yet, as soon as she decided to trust her instincts and own her deep expertise in the practice of Ayurveda, the universe responded in kind, and the opportunities to start spreading her profound knowledge of healing came pouring in.

After this catalytic moment, Dr. Avanti set a goal of becoming the “go-to” expert and recognized speaker on Ayurveda.

But that was just the beginning.

Dr. Avanti’s true mission was to share the methods that transformed her own life with as many people as possible—to ultimately make Ayurveda more accessible and more often considered as a path to holistic well being.

With these milestones and mission in mind, she had the beginnings of a public platform, but needed the support of a full team to bring it to its full potential.

Enter: SimplyBe.’s Thought Leader Program.

Transforming Dr. Avanti’s online presence and platform required a multi-faceted approach. Through:

  • redefined core messaging
  • a bespoke content and PR strategy
  • and a completely redesigned visual brand and website

Dr. Avanti quickly rose to become a recognized leading voice in her industry.

In less than nine months, Dr. Avanti expanded her reach and credibility beyond her immediate audience and was driving revenue with the right opportunities.

Visual cohesion will establish and amplify your platform.

Our team was tasked with creating a visual brand identity that represented both the breadth and depth of Dr. Avanti’s knowledge, but also one that would communicate accessibility. The intersection of sophistication and approachability was our team’s ultimate target.

We performed a comprehensive visual brand redesign inclusive of an updated brand philosophy informed by Avanti’s new core messaging, original logo design, fonts and colors and more.

Avanti Kumar-Singh - Client Story - Logo & Color Palette

It was important that we created a color palette that was representative of subject matter at hand. In this case, the elements—earth, water and fire—which inform the three seasons (or Doshas) of Ayurveda—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—served as our primary inspiration.

Our team developed a custom logo which symbolizes the ripple effect that your daily practices can have on your long term health—a nod to the ancient practices that inform modern Ayurveda. The mark also symbolizes the sound waves that travel through singing bowls used by some Ayurvedic practitioners like Dr. Avanti.

Avanti Kumar-Singh - Client Story - Website

We redesigned and optimized Dr. Avanti’s website to reflect her new brand message and visual brand identity. Our focus was to not only to implement updates of her new look, but to also drive conversions for her podcast, newsletter, and self-published book, The Health Catalyst: How To Harness the Power of Ayurveda To Self-Heal and Achieve Optimal Wellness. Our team also supported the content and creative development of lead magnets and gated content for Avanti’s new digital platform.

Unlock the only marketing tool you’ll ever need: an authentic personal brand.

Captivating audiences outside of your own is critical to growth.

With Avanti’s newly optimized platform and her ultimate goal of becoming a sought after speaker and thought leader in mind, we began active outreach to industry and lifestyle outlets. Most notably, SimplyBe. secured placements for Dr. Avanti in:

Avanti brand work

Within 9 months, SimplyBe. secured:

  • 27 earned placements
  • 2,880 social shares
  • Over 39 million UVMs (Unique Visitors Monthly)

In September 2020, Dr. Avanti received an invitation to be a featured expert at goop’s annual health summit, In goop Health. Her one-hour talk on the importance of Ayurvedic eating garnered the attention of many, including goop’s Founder, Gwyneth Paltrow:

Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh has been an instrumental part of expanding my knowledge of Ayurveda—a 5000-year-old healing tradition that’s in direct contrast to the way we live our modern lives. Avanti’s new book The Health Catalyst: How To Harness the Power of Ayurveda To Self-Heal and Achieve Optimal Wellness is an indelible resource for those who want to heal and live a vibrant and harmonious life.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Avanti Kumar-Singh - Client Story - Podcast

Achieve ultimate accessibility and impact through podcasting.

Your body has exactly what it needs to heal itself. You are merely responsible for enhancing its healing power through healthy, holistic routines. Through a powerful mix of expert knowledge and tools for transformation, Dr. Avanti guides her audience along the path to more vitality, and ultimately, more joy through her bi-monthly show, “The Healing Catalyst.”

On this show, Dr. Avanti demystifies the teachings of Ayurveda by discussing how this simple, ancient practice is the key to unlocking a healthy modern life. Since its launch in May 2020, featuring notable guests such as Tara Styles and Dr. Amy Shah, the show has seen a 113% increase in listeners month over month.

If you take nothing else from Dr. Avanti’s teachings, know that everything is connected. Our bodies are connected to the earth like our souls are connected to the people around us. How we nourish ourselves and each other begins and ends with this awareness.

Healing yourself, your community, and your corner of the world starts with a simple catalyst.

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