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Rooted in Love & Justice

How a clear message and polished presence allowed this President and CEO to build a platform while honoring her roots and doing good.

Tanya Atkinson is a woman with strong roots.

Roots of love.

Roots of justice.

Roots of community.

As Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s President and CEO, Tanya works with healthcare systems, business leaders, and policy makers to make high-quality healthcare available to every member of the communities she serves. Regardless of insurance status. Regardless of income level. Regardless of zip code. Regardless of immigration status, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Tanya Atkinson - Client Story - Profile

Growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, Tanya learned the value—and power—of community early on. Whether rolling up your sleeves to help a neighbor finish a job, or watching their kids while they run an errand, there’s something magical about true community.

But in order to actualize its power, community has to be invested in.

A lifelong advocate for social justice, and now at the state’s largest non-profit reproductive health care provider, Tanya Atkinson has a reputation for fierce leadership. She’s heart-centered, adept at leading in times of change, and known for inspiring people to feel intimately connected to the mission, which directly impacts PPWI’s ability to empower patients to be safe, healthy, and strong.

Now, in the aftershocks of a global pandemic, the need for Planned Parenthood Wisconsin and quality, accessible healthcare is clear. Known for enriching patients’ lives, PPWI actively sparks engagement among the people who live there. People who come together to help address health care inequities. 

Always rooted in love and justice, Tanya’s potential to create change and amplify allies to the larger social justice movement is limitless. 

Short term wins and long term goals

Tanya therefore came to SimplyBe. with the goal of building a thought leading message and platform to advance PPWI’s organizational goals. As a thought leader addressing the inequity within our healthcare system, we would leverage her credibility and authority as the President and CEO of PPWI, with the long term goal of building a sustainable, community-centric business model and patient community within three years.

Through SimplyBe.’s Thought Leader Program, we created Tanya a comprehensive personal brand identity, visual brand style, as well as a marketing strategy and tactical execution plan to build thought leadership on LinkedIn through relevant, timely content. Over the course of six months of active posting on Linkedin, we’ve grown Tanya’s followers by 10%.

Tanya Atkinson - Client Story - Social Media

Create original content that provides value.

We also worked with Tanya and her leadership team to conduct both a brand photoshoot and create an original video series demonstrating Tanya’s expertise, leadership, and above all, approachability. This content would then inform and support our external outreach with a focus on local community and Wisconsin-based digital publications, speaking opportunities and podcast interviews in alignment with PPWI’s values and mission.

Tanya Atkinson - Client Story - Video Series

In roughly six months of activity, with the goal of community engagement in mind, Tanya’s community and most notably, PPWI donors, have taken notice of Tanya’s presence across digital platforms and have expressed support of her thought leadership and in turn, support of PPWI.

Unlock the only marketing tool you’ll ever need: an authentic personal brand.

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