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Recruiter by Trade, Connector by Heart

How clear messaging, an original video series and comprehensive LinkedIn strategy allowed this entrepreneur in Recruiting to find her authentic self in a male-dominated market.

Charlie Saffro is a recruiter by trade and connector by heart.

Charlie bootstrapped her company, CS Recruiting, with creative recruiting tactics—from posting listings in coffee shops to finding resumes on Craigslist. Today, CS Recruiting is one of the top recruiting agencies in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, and Charlie has forged her own path as someone who does things differently and puts in the real work.  

So when it was time for her to take her business to the next level and really step out of the shadow of her company and into the spotlight, she knew she needed a clear brand story and personal brand platform to support her.

A powerful brand is one that can stand on its own.

Through SimplyBe.’s Thought Leader Program, we worked with Charlie to sharpen her platform and thought leadership in service of scaling CS Recruiting’s client portfolio of shippers, manufacturers, distributors, vendors and suppliers. She also, however, sought to be positioned as a thought leader on the power of female leadership and mindfulness in business. 

With two seemingly unrelated goals in mind, our team got to work in building a granular strategy that achieved both, inclusive of:

  • an original video series
  • a quarterly company newsletter
  • a tactical industry External Outreach strategy
  • and an aggressive Linkedin strategy
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Video has exponential power on Linkedin

With Charlie’s already powerful presence on Linkedin, we wanted to lean into a medium that she and CS Recruiting hadn’t explored too much up until that point: video. Our team created a 12-episode, snackable original video series, Recruiting by Trade, Connecting by Heart, showcasing Charlie’s unique expertise around supply chain and logistics, company culture, leadership and recruitment. But she didn’t want to stop there. A true testament to Charlie’s character as a leader, Charlie wanted to celebrate and elevate those who grew CS Recruiting into its current stature. The video series, therefore, also starred and highlighted the strengths of her powerhouse team.

Charlie Saffro - Client Story - Social Media

We then distributed her video content as well as relevant industry trends and high value content to her audience through a consistent cadence on Linkedin.  The first 8 videos of the series (the remainder are still in publishing) collectively generated 22,749 total views, and increased her Linkedin followers by over 5K.

Charlie Saffro - Client Story - Newsletter

Connect with your audiences directly through company newsletters

In addition to a growing Linkedin presence, our team wanted to ensure that Charlie and the CS Recruiting team were captivating their masses and getting directly in touch with their existing clients and prospects. WE recommended a quarterly newsletter strategy to elevate both the company’s and Charlie’s voices as relevant players in supply chain and logistics. 

A quarterly newsletter served as a distribution hub for relevant industry trends and high value content (see: amplifying her video series) direct to her audience’s inboxes. The newsletter, titled Happy to Be Connected, was distributed to a list of 176K and growing, and generated 5+ business leads for CS Recruiting. 

The SimplyBe. team did exactly what they said they were going to do and they “held up a mirror” to reflect what I could not articulate myself. This mirror has not only given me confidence in my personal brand, but also the motivation and determination to share my message with pride. 


The SimplyBe. playbook allowed me to set the foundation in terms of how I present myself and the ongoing support from their team has solidified how I position myself as a female leader and industry influencer.

Thank you to the entire team at SimplyBe. Agency for believing in my brand and encouraging me to put myself out there and realize my full potential.

Charlie Saffro

In an industry built on convention, and as one of the few female executives in this traditionally male-dominated space, Charlie Saffro found her voice. Through her expert brand platform, she is breaking down barriers and paving the way for others to follow suit.

Unlock the only marketing tool you’ll ever need: an authentic personal brand.

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