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It’s in my DNA.

How an intentional brand message and a sharp strategy helped this multi-hyphenate achieve brand cohesion to propel her platform towards new opportunities.

As a multi-hyphenate, Dana N. Anderson has boundless talent that shines through every creative project she undertakes—whether it be a play she writes-directs-stars in, a book she writes-publishes, a spoken-word album she performs-produces, or a wellness retreat she creates-plans-hosts.

Yes, she does it all. And no, “can’t” is not in Dana’s vocabulary.

Dana Anderson - Client Story - Headshot

Dana is a Black goddess with palpable confidence. She is a courageous and passionate storyteller. She is a voice and role model for rising Black artists. She is an advocate for wellness and upleveling your life. And she is a single mother to her beautiful daughter who Dana says is the motivation behind it all. 

Nothing she does is without intensity or intention.

With that in mind, Dana came to SimplyBe. to build cohesive brand awareness, presence and traction across all of her active channels with multiple goals:

  • To land a recurring role
  • To begin pitching her own projects, content and plays
  • And to lay the foundation for a comprehensive program for other creatives—an educational, wellness and empowerment experience for people of color. 

With both her near and long term goals in mind, Dana knew she needed to refine her platform to support her big dreams.

Dana Anderson - Client Story - Website

Build the foundation for long term success.

Our omni-channel strategy was designed to elevate Dana as the one-of-a-kind multi-hyphenate she is—one who is on a mission to shift and shape culture. Through SimplyBe.’s Thought Leader Program, we built Dana a strategy that included a new website to serve as both a container for all her creative projects—including her portfolio of starring roles and press including her TedTalk at the TedxOakParkWomen annual lecture series—and a resource to engage with her work. 

We also created an original quarterly event series to activate her network, and a strategic external outreach plan to target opportunities and partnerships.

Meet your audiences where they are.

Given her industry, we focused on Instagram and TikTok as her primary social media channels and created tactical strategies for both.

Within our first 90 days of execution, Dana’s followers grew by 10.2%, exceeding the average month-over-month follower growth rate on Instagram by 5.85%. This garnered 91,125 total impressions and reached 31.8% non-followers.

Since our work began, Dana’s average engagement rate has grown to 9.2%—significantly higher than the 1-3% average for accounts of similar size.

Dana Anderson - Client Story - Posts

Dana is committed to redefining Black culture and leaving a legacy of Black excellence for generations to come.

To get here took hard work and perseverance. Dana had to break self-limiting beliefs around her abilities as a Black woman to realize just how high she could soar and how bright she could shine. And now that she has, she knows there are no limits.


Because she deserves it. 

Because there’s more where it came from.

Because it’s in her DNA.

Unlock the only marketing tool you’ll ever need: an authentic personal brand.

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