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SimplyBe.’s Signature Personal Branding Workshop with Salesforce.

Salesforce’s global network of exemplary female leadership, Women Aiming Higher, engaged SimplyBe. to work with its Central Region cohort in an intimate, high touch experience, dedicated to bolstering confidence, tapping into their innate feminine gifts, creating a deeper support system and refining their own unique personal brand identities for internal awareness and external clarity.

That was an amazing hour spent—thank you! So inspirational on many levels.

Vicki Sorensen

I definitely plan to do the homework Jessica assigned on asking my professional and personal network to shine a mirror for me and share “what is my unique, intrinsic value?

Brandi Rajski

Lead for Women Aiming Higher Central

The group expressed that the biggest takeaways from SimplyBe.’s unique corporate training were from the following concepts covered in the workshop:

  • Your authenticity is your superpower
  • Consistency + Clarity + Constancy = Memorability
  • Your 9-5 self and your 5-9 self
  • Own your gifts and what makes you great

Make an impact with your organization through a custom personal branding solution.

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