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What are you rebelling FOR?

How a cohesive brand platform allowed this CMO-turned-entrepreneur to define her message and rally her masses to liberate a billion souls.

If authenticity is the truest form of rebellion, Shelley Paxton may be the most staunch rebel you’ve ever met. As the former CMO of Harley Davidson, Shelley embarked on a ‘soulbbatical’ to get reacquainted with her own purpose. 

And she found it. Shelley’s soul was liberated. And she has since made it her life’s mission to liberate a billion more.

Shelley Paxton - Client Story - Soulbbatical Book Cover

You’ve got a mission, but you need a platform.

In early 2020, Shelley launched her first book, Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life, and dove deep into her solopreneur coaching business. She came to SimplyBe. shortly after her book launch when she realized she needed help in defining herself in the market as a thought leader and sought after coach and speaker.

She was thrust into the spotlight with the launch of her book and her public platform needed refinement and clarity to tell one cohesive story. So what she truly needed was a focused strategy to clearly articulate the delineation and messaging of her personal brand and that of her book. Through our Thought Leader Program, we worked with Shelley to develop new core messaging to encompass her brand in its entirety. 

We brought the Shelley Paxton brand to life with clear audience targeting, a value-driven brand message, and a beautiful, cohesive visual brand. When Shelley first came to us, she had an existing visual brand for her book and a clear personal color palette and style. What was missing was a Shelley Paxton standalone visual brand—one that could encapsulate all of her existing and future pieces of brand content.

Shelley Paxton - Client Story - Visual Brand

Our creative team worked with Shelley to create a comprehensive visual brand inclusive of an updated brand philosophy informed by Shelley’s new core messaging, original logo design, defined color palette inspired by Shelley’s personal style, and full visual brand style guide. 

Working with SimplyBe. has been a simply extraordinary journey (to say the least). I honestly can’t imagine entrusting my personal brand to another agency because, well, these guys don’t feel like an agency. They feel like my tribe.

They’re whip smart, wildly creative, full of heart and soul, and fully invested in empowering the impact I want to have in the world. I felt seen, heard, and completely understood throughout the entire process—from the brand identity and strategy to design to initial execution. And that was only the beginning.

I’m now engaging SimplyBe. to help take my company brand to new horizons. Look out world!

Shelley Paxton

Shelley’s unique logo mark is inspired by her bold and unapologetic signature. As her new core messaging—What are you rebelling FOR?—was very important to her to incorporate, our team developed a logo mark that both capitalized on the equity that she has built in her name but also her passion for rebelling for what you believe in.

You’ve got a platform, so now you need a strategy.

In order to get her new brand out into the world effectively, our team created a marketing strategy inclusive of a unique event calendar. We also recommended original video content to capture Shelley’s fiery passion and distribute it to the masses. This content then informed strategic external outreach opportunities to tap into new audiences and robust LinkedIn and Instagram strategies. SimplyBe. also supported Shelley in preparing for the launch of and designing the artwork for her podcast—Rebel Souls Podcast—which launched in August 2020.

Shelley Paxton - Client Story - Podcast

It’s time to light the fire. 

We continue to work with Shelley in an ongoing capacity designing custom collateral, business materials, social media graphics and landing pages as she continues to develop her coaching business.

Shelley Paxton - Client Story - Website

With a clear vision and a unique brand message and strategy, SimplyBe. is currently working with Shelley on her new website, launching spring 2022, to serve as a hub and resource for her coaching clients and rebel souls far and wide.

Unlock the only marketing tool you’ll ever need: an authentic personal brand.

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