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There’s no denying it—humans are visual beings. We create, we adjust, we decorate. We learn better with visuals and process images faster than text. 

So it’s no mystery why “brand” carries the connotation of “visuals” and nothing else. 

But we know it’s so much more than that. 

If your brand identity is the foundation of your personal brand, then your visual brand is the foundation of your brand identity. And therefore needs to be thought of early, and considered often when working through building your personal brand. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, public speaker, or just looking to grow your presence, a clear view of who you are, what you preach, and the change you’re making in your industry is the first of many steps to accelerate your business. A visual brand that reflects you and your goals helps you stand out in order to attract your ideal audiences. 

New technologies are emerging faster than ever, and there are obstacles to success around every corner. With the release of Threads, the rebranding of Twitter to X, and other social media platforms yet to surface, it can seem daunting to plant seeds in this rapidly changing environment. 

But it’s time to face the fears and the facts. Yes, the changing landscape can be a point of intimidation. But you can’t let fear or ambiguity be the wall between you and your ultimate goals.

Take the first step.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the most crucial step is often the first one. You can tick the days off on your calendar for as long as you want, but nothing changes until you do something different. 

Everyone starts somewhere.

As you venture into your new experience as a leader in your industry, there’s no doubt that there will be challenges. Don’t let this stop you from pursuing what you’re passionate about.

Solidifying your brand identity plays a HUGE role in stepping up to the plate as a leader. Your online presence is your new resume and your visual brand identity is the first line of defense. Visual branding is how you become memorable—to the people that matter most (A.K.A. your target audiences). 

Building your platform will give you tangible results. Whether you’re the founder of a company, a corporate leader, an author, a creative, a coach, or something in between, creating a name for yourself online will bring more eyes to what you offer.

Taking the first step and turn your uncertainty into prosperity.

(Re)introducing: The Brand Essentialist.

SimplyBe.’s Brand Essentialist is the definition of essential. Composed of the three most crucial building blocks for a full-fledged, successful personal brand, the Brand Essentialist gives you the foundational launch pad to get yourself seen.

What’s in store for you:

  • A complete, cohesive brand story to be used anywhere: your bio, your website, your media kit, your speaker’s introduction, your LinkedIn summary, you name it. This concise and authentic message is designed to show your audiences who you are and make an immediate, lasting impression. 
  • A new, optimized social media presence with updated profile photos, cover photos, and sharp headlines that represent the true you. We only optimize the channels that compliment your objectives. (In other words, we focus on the channels where your audiences and customers are hanging out). 
  • A fully custom visual brand identity to make you stand out from the crowd and keep your brand consistent across all channels. A visual brand style guide (one of the outputs of our creative partnership) is an asset that will answer all of your design questions before you need to ask them and will serve you for years to come.

We tailor this experience to each client that comes through our doors, resulting in the same building blocks but put together and looking different each and every time.

Take a look at a few of our most recent Brand Essentialist clients:

Rachel Axelrod, Event Producer & Speaking Coach

The Brand Essentialist differentiated Rachel within a saturated market of competitors.


Andrea Levoff, Enlightened Entertainer and Content Creator

The Brand Essentialist set Andrea up for success in the next chapter of her career.


Nesha Pai, Business Owner, Author & Speaker

The Brand Essentialist put Nesha on the map as an international speaker.


Robin Spencer, Leader in Strategy & Operations

The Brand Essentialist unlocked Robin’s authenticity for her online audience.


Each of these clients came to us with unique situations—a wide array of industries, channels, audiences, titles, goals, and measures of success. The Brand Essentialist helped them define their brand identity, visual brand, and unlock something unique for each one of them. 

But the thing they all had in common? They took the first step. 

The Brand Essentialist can jumpstart your branding journey. 


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